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Samantha Babe Jan 2021
I was a clouded soul
When you met me at your lows
Together we fought for our highs
Now look where we got
In paradise
Sipping every glass

Tide changes, we both know
You came hugging with the waves
And we land on the sand
Locking our hands
Eyes in heaven

I know sad days come and go
But I just want to get through it
As long as never leaving each other
Unbreaking hearts
It will be alright baby
When we got each other
Samantha Babe Sep 2020
In the inch of despair
In the reach of the hands
The naked truth lies
The ray touches your back

You, against the light
Is the life I will live for
Grateful to someone ♥️
Samantha Babe Sep 2020
My bed's getting colder
And so with the people I know
I hardly remember the warmth
All I can do is worry
It's not the same anymore
When you're stuck, you're not trying
Standing still when your world's moving
Crying in the dark corners, can't bear this feeling
I never felt so alone & lonely
I'm scared when no one's talking to me
Cause I can't trust myself when talking alone
I'm tired of always being available to some
Dried up from giving the energy
Wish I could love myself even more
Cause everyday feels like a punishment
What has left on me?
The negativity?
The anxiety?
Because I'm no more the things I used to love.
When days are hard
Samantha Babe Aug 2020
Long walls
Cold air in September
The gaze of familiarity
Thought of this could be something

In silent proximity, exchanged smiles
A playground on the afternoon
It was still young
Unsure of what's after

But all I know was that
This could be not nothing
The Christmas songs in our ears
Telling love was on the way

Autumn's falling
The setback's been witnessed
But world's making a small circle
Near you to me
Finding each other's warmth

A paradise has been promised
In stolen nights
In hurtful sleeps
The whispers of " I'm here" gives shiver

This empire that's been made
Thrown with rocks and bullets
Losing was what they want
This was as cold as the breeze

But in a hopeless 6 pm
I wished to fight in unfair
In a gastly prison cell, breathing was not easy
A hope on somedays & to live in spring

But time has passed
In dusky floor, looking back
Head on the neck, hand on the hand
In peace, in our little world shining

Autumn, Christmas breeze are on their way
No more long walls, vacant hearts
The sun is ours, moon's our light
Everyday is a life
Tomorrow is a promise
That jaded hearts now beating
Hopeful of lifetime
Samantha Babe Jun 2020
I was the sunshine that they called
In a call, I would be there
In smiles, I could share laughter
In cries, I would be willing to be your shoulder
Everything you expected would be my pleasure
Even in hearts, I would be at my best
Time can be my friend
In every seconds, I would make it count just to be with you
Cause that is the right thing, right?
When everybody seems to disagree
You can count on me
I would never fail you
Even if it is too much sometimes
Like a suffocation in a sleep
I woke up like feeling nothing from the night
But ****, that's not even appropriate!
I'm a slave to someone's emotion
I look highly to people without looking my own
They're already stabbing my back
Their favors that I was so blind were just a gratification to their selfish needs
With the smiles they show was a lure
All they had to do was to pick me in their convenience
I had a purpose according to them
I was the cheerleader.
But I woke up
After all this time, I know how to get tired of everyone
The sunshine is now a cloud
Sometimes in vast colors, sometimes in hard pouring rain
I was greatly unfair to my younger self
But it's not too late to walk away
Cause what is important is that you have woke up from blindness
And to know what is really you deserve for the world.
This is dedicated to the people who used & maltreated us, took us for granted and so unreal to our genuinity.
Samantha Babe Mar 2020
I thought I was in a secured place where my heart's locked up. I thought I had everything cause I have something to hold. I stopped looking & dreaming. But just when I'm not trying to force the world, something came up. Everything seems random. I never asked the universe for I just needed to be alive. In my steps, I was unknowingly making an exchanged to the world. In a gaze of strange, my life was set to the great unknown and my fate was in marks.

You a fine line of shooting star or like the Orion's belt constellation that's been looking for me in the night sky. You made sure that I'm fine, safe & sound. You asked what makes me happy in this world because you read the sadness behind my past- a face of fear, of anxiety & pain. You lifted me in my doubtful moments. You understood me at my lowest. You believed at me when I'm not at my best. You made sure I deserve to be loved where anybody else aren't capable of handling the unpredictable, unstable & crazy me.

Then you dream the world with me even if we lived in a life that was unfair & cruel for the both of us. Seems like you were the sky and I was the ocean that never meets & separated by these man-made spaces.

But no matter how much we were getting, we believed to the make-through. Where freedom is in your edge & I will be right there waiting in a beautiful sunset sky.

Now, we watch away our journey to the sea of cries. You held my hand & together we laugh for what we become. I look now in your eyes with a sense of security & contentment. You here with me fighting for years just to be at this very circumstance, to arrive at this very moment of time.
The universe conspired our story years ago. Finally we will be making our dimension. Where our world together built in love and tested through the signs of time.
#speechoflove #lookingback #memories #journey #decisions #love
Samantha Babe Feb 2019
I was in the search
Of high hopes and fancy
Then I found you
In a somber chasm
And I let my self fall
To seek in too deep
To have a shelter
And to drown with your love
For a time
The emptiness was filled
A leap of joy
Was in the faith's hands
But the current
Was waving too strong
Your love, your love
I still tried to hold
But the water's through me
Choked by this illusory
While you watched me in a distant
I cried with the sea
All these concepts
Had deteriorated my being
But I had to search the air
To right back up
And to keep me breathin'
I found my amnesty
In the high ruins
And I swear an oath
That I will never ever
Love that would lead me to death
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