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Andrew Leparski Jul 2019
CORNERSTONE: definition (noun) the chief foundation on which something is constructed or developed

Come with forceful wills
Over the hills and desert bleak
Reach for inner greatness
Not returning, but a smiling cheek
Every trick has its trade
Remember that, and it's usefulness
Stones break over a sharpened edged blade
Towers will fall wayside by forceful winds made
Only desire keeps the flame burning
Is now a time to overcome?
Everything you find yourself yearning?
It is upon Cornerstones... we are made
An I inspirational device, linked to advice. Perhaps holding fragments of truth, hmm I wonder, does it to you?
Andrew Leparski Jul 2019
For every action, there is reaction
for every attraction, there is distraction but every little fraction has a faction in fiction hmm, let me check my diction

Every portion has its distortion
of inbalance and contortion
Tip lipped rhymes served for abortion

Robbery of meaning and motion
is the deliverance of emotion
Accrued in a love potion
..hpm!, such devotion

But if you characterize deflection
you might see a reflection, or a fragment of protection, in a starry eyed selection

This format is causing congestion, a congestion fiddling with digestion
which will lead to exhaustion
but I'm up for suggestion or question
Andrew Leparski Jul 2019
"The state of awareness is just a fragment of the Truth. Chances are, even if we had all the pieces, we'd still have conflict... conflict in acceptance of those truths"
Andrew Leparski Feb 2019
Write about the Sky
                       how it shines
Write about the Ocean
                         and all its tides

Write about Pain
         Write about Belief
Write about Love
         And how It's Received

Write about Friends
          Write about Trends

Write about Healing
           Write about the Feeling

Write about the Cosmo
       Write about Speed
             Write about Trees
                  Write about Greed

Write about Memory and how it serves
Write about Honor and what it deserves

Write it once
              Write it again
                          Save the draft &
                                    label The End
Write about it all or write about bone if you only have one thought then you've already begun
Andrew Leparski Feb 2019
To understand
this solid door
You must come true
and eager for more

There is nothing to be bought
or sold
by bleeding red roses
You are not faulted
or framed
for what the moment imposes

Come to thee
With an open heart in mind
To stand and witness
The reality you've been longing to find

I promise nothing
For if you push the door it will not swing
But if you pull towards your heart
You might be surprised as to what I'll bring

My Everything
Andrew Leparski Jun 2018
Something was revealed
seemingly awoken
granted graciously,
as a sentimental token

Passed and accepted 
within a fragment of space
from spirits unbroken
so truthful was the taste

To exist, in a boundary of existence
in an ancient forgotton glade
where two doth meet eternally
with impressions softly made..
Andrew Leparski Jun 2018
In every inspiration
there's a spire
next to it
rests desire

In every thought
there's a key
behind each door
a place to see

In every emotion
there's a color
once it stains
there is another

In every poem
there's a clue
an unsolved mystery
Involving you
Thou dast wonder... XX11
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