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Vale Luna Aug 2017
I'm fifty-one shades of ****** up
And thirty-two flavors of freak
Every instinct I have is corrupt
Including the words that I speak

I'm one hundred and one crazy dogs
And sixty-nine perverts in one
My existence goes against all odds
But the list is nowhere near done

There's thirteen reasons why I cry
And ninety-nine problems I've got
One of them’s the way I long to die
And the way my insides rot

I'm four seasons of misunderstood
And seven layers of bad luck
Cuz the bad always shoves out the good
So why should I give a ****?!

There's six, six and six demons I hold
From fifty-two weekly mistakes
My secrets are often always told
So I get used to the heartbreak

I'm two hundred and twelve wildfires
With three point one four percent logic
I only have primal desire
So the rest of me is toxic

I'm fifty-one shades of ****** up
And thirty-two flavors of wild
I've gone beyond the normal “corrupt”
And beaten Christian Grey’s style.
For my 50 Shade fans!
Vale Luna May 2017
"Fifty Shades of Grey" has plagued my life
With the expectation
That to be ******
Is to be loved.

The perfect treachery for a teenage girl

Falling in love with the idea
That pain is pleasure
So the more it hurts
The better the ******

The perfect deception for a teenage girl

So now I wait for him to have me
While he leaves fifty shades of purple
Across my face
I still have my virginity…

The perfect teenage girl for a trap.
I wrote this for a friend, not me.
Almost Lover Jan 2015
We don't have a love like the rest
I compare it to Anastasia and Christian
You are so cold and dark inside
You can't provide love in my life
You can't save me from the demons in my mind
But I love the way you feel inside.

It's hard pretending I do not care
I wouldn't have it any other way
The way your thrusting inside me
Pulling my hair, and I scream.

Down on my knees looking up at you
This is what we have to offer
A secret life of ***, and I can't be your lover
But the way you grab me, pulls me away
You can take all you want
Just stay,  my fifty shades.

— The End —