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Prabhu Iyer Feb 2015
Vulnerable smile, cherubic.    Vessel in the well.
  Watery eyes. First tooth.         Nameless relation.
    New birth. Memories.             New joys. Old pain.
       Overflowing love.                    Half-voice. Kin-sister.

Stars, crackling up in the creux.          A relation called
Nights. Angling; moon.                 brumeux love, half-hug,
Nets wide cast; comets pass.                folded in the wallet.

Pouring out. Half-gong.      Calling to the valleys.
Brook. Shadowy corners.    Tongues, welling up
Delight, discovery.               voices, hushed whispers
Bleating with the sheep,      hymns rising.
crying with the birds,          Conjunctions of states.
whirling with the winds;    Conjurer of fawns.

Casting; soil; roots; new growings;
smiling, spiralling around the hollow,
new life; a cherub, the new dawn.
Next in the #Hermit series, branching out from the life of the remarkable hermit-woman

This poem attempts a #Pointillist style, where a set of loosely defined 'emotionals' collect together feelings, organized around and branching out from a central theme - here, that of loss and reconciliation in new joys

The stanza starting with 'Stars crackling up in the creux' is inspired by works of the neo-surrealist artist Christian Schole, see for example:

Excuse my French: creux = hollow; brumeux = misty.

Liz May 2014
Speckled polka
pointillism in the sky,
in lime and apple green,
caress the jagged, jaded
jade summer oak.
And smiles down
like the angel
rays, which
cast my soul to heaven.
And insignificance.
As I steal through
my sunshine archways.

— The End —