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Never a one stood in my way
When I set my sails away
Wavy was the sea
And no one was in the least surprised
To see me barefoot with their eyes
Walking on water
And to infinity forever saying my goodbyes
I remember the light that was ablaze
I was illuminated by the Sun
That was blinding
As I was ascending
The ladders to the Welkin
Striving to perceive
Amid the strangers
A face that I hold dear.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
To overcome, relinquish
and forget,
black – hearted eyes, as well as innocent,
feigned words of solace
and bitter embrace.
To forget the joys, affections and desires,
hardship and bliss,
friends and enemies,
smiles and tears and prayers.
To be insincere.
To write no more verses.
To trust not a soul.
To understand no one and naught.
To forgive not.
To pass a verdict ‘pon oneself of
remoteness and taciturnity.
And soar towards the glistening
of Cosmic dark infinity.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
A Spirit
A wandering soul
A wrathful squall
In the fire levin ‘s blasting
Ice within the chest is crackling.
Everything to me is hindrance
You are not within my distance
We are bound by golden twine.
Step down from the blazing sun
The child loves you but it stammers
Because this un-beating heart
Cannot fasten
Gelid gates of inky Hades.
I shall lay myself to rest
Hold acquittal and solace
In this hour evil, bleak,
When you didn’t hear me speak.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Countless times you may have killed us
We shall always rise again
Down the beams of light descend
Forever to you we shall return
For you we shall recite our prayers
And sing of virtue and of love
Your world is stern
******, you step upon the poet like a
flower in bloom
The honeybee that honey makes
Still he soars
And there to ice he succumbs
When rocks on earth turn into crumbs
And sparks emblaze
Shooting stars fall so bright
into the new bodies of confinement,
Giving the poets the kiss of life with their
Angels heralds
Lonely nomads
Hungry vagabonds
That you hunt and hate
Although they teach you to love and to ache
To find yourself
To hope,
dream and forgive
No more to lie,
Betray, steal nor ****

Thousands of years are passing by
Countless times beheading us to die
With our divine blood
You let your pigs imbibe
Yet again we have returned
To surprise you will succumb
Just to wink
Songs to sing and help you
Better to become

By divine Myrrh that is flowing
With our words entwined
The universe beams at you
Of wickedness and grief its healing you
The poet is kneeling

Humiliated for mercy he is pleading
Is his song a thorn in your eye?
Is that why you made him die?
Soon you too will fly away
To endlessness
Thy bare feet the earth will caress
On your best man’s straw, you’ll stumble
Down the inky pit you’ll tumble
Will a poet rescue thee?
Once again will you be free?

Countless times I may ‘ve been slayed
They’ll bring me to
Earth again
Down the purple beams
they’ll throw me
Violets in their blooming glory
That your step will strain
The bee will wing
And just as a song
Your heart it will sting.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
The sun loves the moon and they talk everyday. Their love flourish even though they are miles away-Lucia Airo
asha 1d
today, i was not invited to dinner upstairs.
they talk & laugh in a language i only know in fragments.
which is fitting because that is all i feel.
it makes me feel lonely to not be invited.
it reminds me of how alone i truly am,
how little anyone really cares for me.
& maybe if that were not the case elsewhere,
maybe i would be okay.
maybe if i had friends who knew how to say more than
"oh that *****, sorry to hear that",
maybe if i had a mother who didn't have cancer so i didn't feel
the need to stay silent to protect her,
maybe if i had a father who knew how to stop lecturing me
long enough to listen to my pain,
maybe if i had a boyfriend who understood my mental illness
enough to know how to be gentle with his words,
maybe if i wasn't sick...
maybe if i knew how to open up & trust someone,
maybe if i knew how to be a normal human being
long enough for someone to care,
maybe i'd be okay...
because i know if i were invited,
i would have said "no, thank you"
& went back into hiding in my room, away from the world,
always complaining about my lonliness
but refusing to try
because everytime i try,
i just feel more lonely.
everytime i try, i lose all my energy,
& with this depression hanging above my head,
i have no energy before i can even begin.
i don't know how to be alive.
& if i'm honest...
i don't want to be.
The coast called to us
     we obeyed its song

driftwood speckled with sea urchins

we went
     but could not stay for long

the foggy sky is a pretty gal
     she whistles a wind that is sharp and

I rattled the ribcage of a ghostly ship
     its limbs long and rusty

Rain spat sand from its lips
     stirring waves that crackle

I'll return when the moon is full again
    when the ocean eats the sun

back to the bones of the ship
     when they ring for me in spring
You can change your life, if you want to;
Gather all those broken pieces,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Glue them together, make something new,
Rise like a phoenix, shed like a snake,
You can change your life, if you want to,

Turn over a new leaf, buy a horseshoe,
Smile at the rain and reconcile your pain,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Go learn a language or get a new hairdo,
Learn how to sew or start Kung Fu!
You can change your life, if you want to,

You deserve a second chance, we all do,
From mistakes we learn and grow,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue,

Take a new class, ride in a canoe,
Go wherever life takes, trust me,
You can change your life, if you want to,
Pick yourself up, no need to feel blue.
Sunshine and Rainbows x
Take a walk with me
through my soul, over
miles and miles of open land

Through the forests
brimming with honeysuckle
and songbirds

Along the jagged majesty of indigo
mountains jutting like saw teeth
from the pink-gummed horizon.

Do you see? How you color
the sky over it all?

Watch golden hour spill like a
molten avalanche across the valley –
sunset swathing every shadow in rose.
Vagish 1d
We rise not to fall, we rise again and again not to gain
It is no supremacy what we pursue
But it’s the amity what we desire

We don’t know from where we come
But we know where we want to go
We don’t have a path but we know how to create one
We covered a long path and still long to go
We rise not to fall, we rise again and again due to pain
A pain deep inside the core
A pain which is shredding me apart
We endure the pain not for revenge
But for the love we want
We don’t know how to do
But still we try enough
Not due to regret but due to contentment
We rise no to fall, we rise again and again
And Believe is what we have…….
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