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Rea 3d
not scared of the dark, or spiders, or rollercoasters
but of this feeling of falling... with you.
scared to let myself really go, because i know i'll blink
and i'll be over my head in all that you are.
but i hang onto you
and you lay on me like a blanket.
and so i think this works.
you laugh at the stupidest things i say and i just laugh at everything.
and so i think this works.
you tell me you'll marry me
and sometimes you say it with so much conviction
i know this works.
and then i'm not scared anymore.
only scared of the dark, and spiders, and rollercoasters
but not of this, and not you.
i'm not scared.
Pen in my hand
Ink on the sheet
Heart starts to beating
This is how love begins for me.
Hi guys that’s my first poem in 2021! I miss you all guys I missed #HelloPoetry!
Rea 3d
I think back to our first moments together.
Sneaking eyes under flower crowns and balloons.
Looking across crowds of people for you subconsciously,
noticing you noticing me noticing you.
To look back on that time tinges everything with a vintage haze,
like viewing the history before something monumental.
Each person holding their breath and each step bringing us closer
to everything.
I want to go back to the first time I asked myself "what if it's us?";
the first time I truly saw you for everything that you could grow to mean to me.
"I'll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year's Day"

"I guess that's any relationship, you start with nothing and maybe end with everything"
Let me be your she yeti
Let me have my way with you
As we couple as two loving women
You go into a unusual position
I make love to you
And your flower
I don't just want to be you lover
But a passionate one ineed
As we make out
I want to make you feel good
You bring out the she yeti in me
We are
Moving too fast
And I like it
My liza
Would you like the
Please of kissing me
Deeply and sweetly
Do you like
Kissing me
And only me
My sweet liza
As we make love to each other
Being in your arms is all I want
Besides that kiss
Men will miss out on you and I
She is has a secret
That I didn't know
About her
That she likes tantra
Though we are both women
Kissing eachothers curves
I want to taste your sweet
Necture as you had mine
From my flower
AJBusse 4d
"Do you believe in love?" Asked the girl
"Yes and no," Said the coyote
"Love is beautiful," Said the girl
"But it is also painful," Said the coyote
"But aren't beautiful things worth pain?" Asked the girl
"That, my friend, is a question for the stars." Said the coyote
"I love you coyote,"
The coyote smiled
"I love you too."
-df 4d
the loneliness doesn't bother me quite as much
as being alone w i t h you does.
written on jan 01, 2021 / 5:14p
by: d.f.
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