Afiqah Sep 2017
we are all a little busted
breathing through every of life’s
fragmentary affairs
nobody wants to feel any of this
ill, personal animosity
but we’re still here,
still learning to slip in between these lines
that constantly slits itself out of our good intentions
into something lethal
life hits boldly head on, yet,
no one leaves unscathed
and made it all out completely whole

Afiqah Sep 2017
and suddenly,
every other thing
just starts feeding itself into a whole
that first few burning seconds
our skin snuggle into each other so fondly
made the angels fall back in
over and over
feasting their eyes upon us through each night

Afiqah Sep 2017
I tend to know
certain things I shouldn’t sometimes
and that itself, somehow, terrifies me
of how well wicked it could silently
crawl, succumb my whole
and revivifies old, silly habits
into nothing other than sinking in
to that awful, unpleasant taunts
until I’m almost undone

Afiqah Sep 2017
you nestled up
every flawed bit of me
and threw sparks into them
with all my favorite colors
and I’ve never quite seen them
do the slow waltz so spiritedly,
flowing to every corner of your soul
and it hasn’t shied itself away
ever since

Afiqah Aug 2017
let’s be classic, shall we?
let’s lose ourselves into unknown looking stellars
and sip into every stardust

let’s hide and get super dramatic and
sing all the wrong words
and make the goddamn angels cry
to our heart’s amusements

let’s just love,
damn it, let’s love
and melt this ache full of intimacy
each time we held hands, tickling the other
for more
into our most favorite thing

Afiqah Aug 2017
must we go there?
must we all come to this part where
no band-aids or poetry can be neither fixed
we battle with such strengths
through all the damnest things
we swallowed
and yet,
better was still not our best essence
so fuck okay,
let us settle with the damage
if that is all there is

Afiqah Aug 2017
remember how we always
stood through most nights all clad up
with our almost bulletproof hearts
we gazed at a thousand million stars
and pretended nothing was limited
in our world

we undecidedly became our favorite
everyday hustle that every time
we held our skin close,
every other thing just madly falls into
such an irresistible longing

we never knew we could settle in
by the moon’s winning glare whenever
we hit into love’s wild spree

Afiqah Aug 2017
that sense of alignment
and the feelings of fatigue
has somehow formed
this new thrilling identity inside
every single one of us
it’s unduly
penetrating and intensive
how such psyche had to be picked up
from many of life’s shot at us
and we still got to learn and love fearlessly
at every single shred of our becoming

Afiqah Aug 2017
I remember coming
into a deep contemplation one night
after a hard, drainy day of work
we sat along the bank of clouds    
pulling our skin to one another’s heat,
and I recall asking,
“Do you think the stars will adore us?”

you said,
“The stars will,
for they love the lovers,
the deranged, the misfits, the fighters,”

“And which of them all you think is us?”

the night softly stirred, sinking us in
and we found the click
as soon as our lips settle

Afiqah Aug 2017
I’ve let thoughts of you visit
a little too often
and they still speak to me
like it was just yesterday
we slept with soft whispers of
“I love you’s”
waltzing our hearts away
to the quietest part
of the moon

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