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Penguin Poems Oct 2018
The moon has phases
In and out of the same cycle
Always orchestrating a reprisal
Over a number of days

I have phases, too
Yet they seem more like mazes, who
Don’t know where they lead to.
Unlike the moon,
Who is settled in his ways,
I bounce back and forth in this pinball machine,
Forwards, backwards, sideways,
Through different replays with the same ending: heartbreak.

I never know when or where they’ll start,
But I’m always the one with the broken heart.
The phases come and go as they please,
And always end up blaming me.
nosipho khanyile Jul 2018
award goes to you for
making me believe
for a second that
my sexuality is a phase.

a stage that's passing
a page about to be turned.

award goes to me
for being in tune
with my desires & feelings.

for not letting you get into my head
for appreciating that love has no

gender,colour,culture or phase.
Star BG Jun 2018
I will sit below evening stars, and polish my words.
Picking them out from field of mind.

I shall meander through river of phases,
scooping them up to paint,
as pen becomes brush and brain expands.

I will polish my lyrics from heart,
as most sleep and my visions become reality
on scripted page.

I shall sit releasing polished poetry
to invite eyes to wander inside
when sun again shines and peace is mine.
Can't sleep so here I am being Inspired by page called Polished Poetry- Thanks
Lunar Jun 2018
blocked by clouds
or invisible in the day
i'm content knowing
the moon is always
in the center of my frame

sea tides rise
and the constellations change
but i'm reassured to know
the moon has always
stayed the same

even when you're growing
and even as you age
i know i'm grateful because
the moon will always
be your name
happy 22nd, wjh. i'm beyond content, reassured, and grateful for knowing a soul like you exists.

Skaidrum Feb 2018

You have never once;
lost the translation of love
in the moon's phases.
Of the haiku series
viii. oaths from my pheonix

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Star BG Aug 2017
"Words of a poet become a gift wrapped in colorful phases and tied with a period, gifted to an open eye."
inspired by MU
Sushnata Aug 2017
I am not scared of the darkness anymore,
it arrives to fight me daily.
Perhaps it's the darkness,
that's scared of me.  
It is parallel, undiluted &
unwavering & I'm somewhere blended in between.  
We aren't foes but competitors!
We don't die  but battle
till one of us passes out and sleeps.
We don't end but merge into each other each night. 

You may not know  that somewhere between being lonely & loving solitude,
neither me nor my ally
could become friends or make any. 
We meet, we do so daily,
to fight & survive some more
till we exist.  
But oh!
It's far than an illusion of  happiness that the bewitched heart creates...
For the illusion ends  but
The alliance doesn't.  

Its a poem where a person's life has been metaphorically compared with the grim role of darkness.
TheRiverStyx Jul 2017
I'm a warrior.
I'm a warrior.
I'm going across the rooftops with my possé.

I'm gonna be okay.
I'm gonna be with them in the end.
There will be no rifts between us.

There will be life and sugar abound.
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