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E Feb 2020
I think of you
While gazing up at the sky of blue
Through skeletal trees with the few dead leaves
I see a full moon
If only you were here with me
E Feb 2020
Eyes, sapphire blue
They are the gems of the universe
Your smile is night reversed
Shining light and happiness on Earth
E Feb 2020
Thy divine world I once perceived
Is found only within a mere dream
Revisioned, as if seen in the darkest of nights
With one eye blind the other full of demise
E Jun 2019
If I am the sunflower
then you are the sun
I stand tall each morning
as you rise in the sky above
bathing in your light
your warmth
your love
My girlfriend calls me her sunflower. I replied with this. <3
E Mar 2019
Each night you wear a different face
Slightly changing day by day

The ocean tides; The river banks
Pulling and pushing me away

Eventually you will soon fade
Watching above from a faraway place

What do I do to make you stay?

But then again you are just a moon phase
E Feb 2019
Wanting to be
A part of something more
Maybe a place
Like a part of your world
#love #wanting
E Feb 2019
Fumes outline your porcelain lips
Making it hard to forget
The memories that you and I spent
Each time a ciggerate is lit
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