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20/F    I hope you're okay


Lc Jul 2011
Aren’t all women moody
At least we would like for you, men. to think we are, right?

I will be the first to admit it
I belong to that exclusive“Moody Club”

I’ll even elaborate
To help you men

My mood seems to change with the multi stages of the moon

The Full Moon:
I am a little off balance
Yet, I am full of life
During this phase,
I wouldn’t dare me if you are easily embarrassed

The Crescent Moon:
I cannot make up my mind.
I am half myself
I am half someone else, as well
You never know which one of me you are going to get
I may change on any given day
No one can be prepared for this type of stream
Not even me

The New Moon:
All goes dark in my life
I may even want to pick a fight
I might stomp my feet and pout
Yet, this is usually the time
I truly to find my light
And find I truly love myself

Then just like an endless wave
The cycle begins once again

7-23-2011 (Saturday 1:30pm) Lc
Midnight Rain  May 2017
Midnight Rain May 2017
the moon is
always whole

she just shows
herself in phases

because there is
beauty in
being broken

and becoming whole
I was debating on how to end it. I still don't know if I should leave that last part as is or change it to "and becoming whole again"