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ghivashel Oct 5
with each caress
and with each kiss,
even Hera and Zeus
grow jealous
of the passion
between us.
* excerpt from a lengthier poem I'm currently putting together.
ghivashel Aug 20
like Persephone bringing in spring,
I bloom when I'm with you.
showing a lil love for my favorite Goddess
  Jul 2 ghivashel
The overwhelming feeling of drowning
The emotions are surrounding
My lungs are collapsing
Time is elapsing
The panic

A smack
Back to reality
Where is my mentality
What triggered my insanity
Its caused by general inhumanity
I enter this one into a poetry contest on Wattpad and got second place :D
do we really want
our country imprisoned by a wall
and all the seasonal Mexican harvest workers
locked out?

California and other
southern border states
do not seem so enthusiastic
about this concept

legal or illegal
they need the (wo)man power
to get their fruit and vegetables
to the (super) market

therefore, dear ICE
& other border guard units

get your act together
do NOT separate children
     from their parents    
try to use your brains
      rather than follow your orders

and act
like good Americans would
ICE, immigration harvest Mexican  children
ghivashel Jun 22
God's greatest creation,
has been woman,
that is something that men,
have yet to fully understand.
Still, some offer us adoration,
and unending devotion.
While the others offer us mutilation,
and try to take away our voice,
smash our words,
decimate our choices.
And so with this double edged sword
we must contend.
from another book I'm writing. out sometime in the future.
  Jun 22 ghivashel
Kora Sani
it is ok
if i can't let you go
all at once

little by little
i will
misplace your pieces

until all that remains
is the stencil
of where you used to lie
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