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Jules Oct 20
I don't want to make any accusations
but they're all getting into my head
They say this
They say that
I don't know what's true or false
and I'm too afraid to ask
But with our current encounter
I refuse to believe it
You're just too kind
Just too perfect
Did you really do it?
Did you really lie?
I hope she's everything you wanted Something I couldn't provide
Because when you left
you took a little bit of my mind
Yes I am not perfect.
But I am not fake.
Klita Oct 18
Let’s stay
For just a second more
In this perfect moment
While they are out there
Worrying and weeping
Crying and sighing
Let's stay here

Where the earth is calm
And the waves brush the shore
Filling the air
With a melody more beautiful than leaves crunching on an autumn day

Where there are no worries
Where the wind tickles our cheeks
And we can swim in the clouds
And run with rays of sun

Let’s stay in this perfect moment
feel the sand between our toes
Light our babylon candle
And join the stars
When they come out to dance
A M Ryder Oct 18
It's hard not to
Completely fall for someone
Whom, without effort
Brings out the absolute
Best in you

The most beautiful thing
About young love
Is the truth
In their hearts
That it will last forever
A M Ryder Oct 18
Just as perfect
As the music is painful
They took their time
Piece by piece
Placing every star
Casting out the constellations bright
And you alike
To the furthest reaches
But never too far
These perfect points set
So you never forget who you are
Everforest Oct 12
We woke up looking perfect, right?
We're kind to everyone cause it's what we love to do, right?
Put extra makeup on to hide the evidence of last night's beating, cause if anyone found out they'd laugh and tell us to **** it up, right?
We laugh because crying ruins our image, right?
. . .I got in a fight.

I don't know about you but even on the moon's brightest nights,
it's still got a dark side,
Maybe we don't always see it, but it's there,
So don't judge me when I miss the mark on "perfection"
Nothing compares to a love like this. I didn’t even know this could exist.
You touch me and there’s automatic peace. You carry me to bed when I fall asleep.
You tuck me in to keep me warm,
Or let me wear your coat even though you can’t feel your arms.
You tell me daily how much you love me,
And it’s what you’re always demonstrating.
You listen to me read novels and poetry.
And (almost) never interrupt me.

I hope that I do enough for you
To show you that I love you, too.
everyone says perfect doesn't exist, but they clearly haven't met you.
We are just humans’ beings.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Mistake, mistake, we’re learning.
Fall down and up, we’re growing.
Before we judge, let watch ourselves.
No one of us is perfect.
No one of us is holy.
Nigdaw Oct 3
You would stare if I were beautiful

but I offend your eyes
sideways glances emphasise
how afraid you are to look
confront that fear head on
people like me even exist

you sympathise of course
goes without saying, terrible
must be awful to live with

then you check your fingers
and toes, see how perfect they are
and move on, no more ugliness today
to spoil your mood.
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