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It takes heat to open an oyster,
or a knife(or time).
Humans are enough like oysters, I suppose,
but they don’t need pain to bring out their full potential—
they do need time.
Time takes too long for some,
and pain is an easy alternative;
forgoing sleep and forgetting to eat,
distance from loved ones,
pushing and pushing and pushing and—
a pearl.
I open my eyes as one closes them
Like apiarist tearing honeycombs
The view thickly spreads before

There is a castle on a wheat *****

I descend from the hill top
Through the deep sharp fruited amber sea
Smell the crow embraced stems
The bee sung dream
I lay breez kissed
And ponder of the castle oyster 
Gold and grey
A happy sight
Of old and May
All those moons ago
I plucked a stone from shore
and whispered my intention
with each waxing and waning.
I took it back to the sound today,
intending to sing a final goodbye
before casting it far into the waves.
It sparkled in the spring sun
then slipped from my fingers
into the sludgy low-tide pool
of barnacles and gooeyducks.
I simply walked away
and watched the gulls drop oysters,
fighting over what belongs to whom.

The waves will carry the stone to sea
the same way the green has returned
like the green in me.
A gentle and abrupt easing -
A slip out to sea with the tide.

Must have a goal
Go get that thing
What if I want
To stop and sing

Retreat inside
Wait out the storm

Else feel the wrath
Of nature scorned

Instead a kid
I wish to be
To feel alive
And so carefree

Each drip, each drop
Upon my head
Wish I could splash
In rain instead

I'd watch the sky
Explode with light
A warming joy
Not filled with fright

When did I lose
Sight of it all
Pattern I fall

Start living in
Every moment
Past and future
Wasted and spent

Granted a new
Chance I'm given
Can not redo
But start living

Each day awake
Fresh start; Can be

World's my oyster
Alive and free
Written: July 14, 2018

All rights reserved.
irises Mar 2018
the world is
my oyster
they say.
why has my life
produced no pearls?
only tears
and gritty sand
polluting the land
around me.
-df Dec 2017
the world may be your oyster,
but keep in mind that some of us are allergic to shellfish.

{d.f. | 12/07/17}
Alienpoet Oct 2017
I feel a completeness in staring into your eyes
That I don't feel when I am alone
I grasp for meaning in a daydreaming world
My mind opens like an oyster
and you are my pearl
a beautiful agony unfurls
in missing you and your words
and touch.
I miss you so much
but I want wholeness
in my own skin
but it rings thin
because is it narcissism?
To look beyond the chasm
the void of our own soul
and yet romantic love is being in love
with what someone is that we haven't got
and yet we don't care a jot
for love is creation I care deeply and a lot
for what you have and what I haven't got.
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