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No one to care;
No one to care for.

Wrongfully invested
To end up with
No-buddy to share myself
  3d Daniel K
Star BG
With great promise I was born
surrounded by family
and in Gods country.

With great promise I expanded
grew in body
in mind
in moments that blossomed
into vessel of creativity.

With great promise,
my eyes opened
my heart sings
And I became the dream
as I dance inside
endless possibilities.
The tyrant above,
Never cease to pursue his
Greed till all perish.
Daniel K Feb 10
The one you gave,
It’s not complete
As its half is lost.

I lost it.
Daniel K Feb 9
Bouquet of unfamiliar faces
Minding own business.
Each with own story to tell
But ‘shhhh, it’s a secret’.
Excluding none takes the ride
That leads them to the next destination.
Only oneself know of
The coming journey to be told.
Sudden nudge on the back,
‘Excuse me,’
There goes one.
But no worries,
Vacant spots are to be
Filled with new,
Name less companions.
I see them come and go
As I wait
For my own story to
Daniel K Feb 5
Buried in darkness,
Accompanied by scent of metal and dirt,
No time given to discover colour.
But to toil on and on, day and night,
Supplying the fortunate doppelgänger with
All the needs to prosper.
Whether it knows or not,
That ****** beauty never fails to show.
Eyes of recognition solely
Centred on the fruit bearer where
It’s decorated with wonders of nature.
Though with flick of a finger,
It’s life will cease as the supplier
Has all the power in the world to
Go into strike.
Arousal of schemes powered by
Darkness about, that of light
Will shrivel into the fine dust,
Those that feed the void
Of Jealousy.
Daniel K Jan 29
Never recognized
Till no more to receive
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