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F Feb 21
Count your Fingers
Find some colors around you
Imagine there is a door
the door can take you anywhere
go Find the most beautiful destination in your life
and make sure you're alive when you step through it
F Nov 2020
Life is so full, yet i'm so hungry
They all have shelter, but i have no home
Life is so free, yet so restricted
From all the joy im evicted.
F Oct 2020
Thom yorke said
"Silent, silence. That's nice".

Listen to silence it has so much to say.
F Oct 2020
Sometimes you just can't
say anything, any-word.
But your eyes...
your eyes burn as if they want to scream for help

But no, no one heard it
no one knows
Then she burned down.

F Jun 2020
I'm so glad I found you,
Touch me, I like the way you touch me
Love me, God made you to love me

You give me love, you keep right on giving
Fill me up, baby, with the joy of living
When things get tough, I can always turn to you

keep play your cards right
and everything's gonna be alright
F Jun 2020
Sad eyes on a happy face
Soft and silent

She came along
and turned on everyone

Her dancing sets the place on fire
Heaven and hell

The flames come up to everyone's
As she shakes pearls and snakes

Bodies and bones
Flesh and blood
Mental and physically  

I see the pain in beautiful creatures
F May 2020
When i'm in my best position of my self right now , the funny thing is ,i'm not with you.
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