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F Nov 2019
Good but a little wild
mysterious and ambitious
You fight like fire without fear of disaster

Your tattoos; Respect all women and appreciate love, time and earth
showing , we're just piece of creatures
a good combination of blood and meat
F Nov 2019
Me and my anxiety
Some people may call like a
"Friends with benefit"
We don't love each other
But, she's just fck with me sometimes.
F Nov 2019
I feel like a piece of me is missing.
 You took it with you I know you're my guardian angel now.  Sometimes, i think I feel you...

How is the man upstairs?  Is he nice? 
would he let you speak to me one more time?  just in a dream  
I love you.  rest  
I'll see you again soon enough.  
Wait for me
F Nov 2019
I still feel like I am growing insane  A teaspoon of oxygen's no cure to the pain I'm living and breathing and fun packs these dates But my mind is a prison; am I thinking straight?
F Nov 2019
It was raining
I was not fully aware
that the rain at that time
was a sign of impending sadness

I bought you a cake
Hope in the new year night
Everything will be alright  

I started the year with
a confession of unspoken sin,
before you see
'my Michael and then you see my 'Lucifer.....

You don't trust me , even nor do i
At the time i'm just *******
tryin to survive

Deep down inside i know i am crying
Deep down inside i know i am trying

One thing for sure
hurting your heart
doesn't  make me alive

Leave if you need to leave  

But darling,
You don't need to compare
my beginning
to someone else's middle

Make me feel i never good enough

The last i checked
"love" it's the thing about
accept all conditions
and grow up together

Am i wrong?

I started the new year with " rain&storm"
Hopefully, i will end it all
with the beautiful rainbow.

I lose you but yea, this is brand new me.

Between Michael and Lucifer

I'm survivor.
F Nov 2019
I am crying but only dry tears,
dust on my face and sores on my mind,
I do not speak nor do I try,
I have a million times.

when I speak, silence over take,
I can scream and still no one will hear.
I am invisible, no one can see,
I have pain inside, please let me free.

Not living
just killing the time.
F Nov 2019
I don't want any sympathy.
I don't want this care.
Your love gave me anxiety.
I began to despair.

You always played these mind games.
Called me by these cute names.
I controlled my body but your controlled my brain.

"Why do you smoke so much?!
"My mom would always complain.
How do I tell her? This keeps me away from this pain,Which you gave
Just go away
You never loved
All you did was betray.
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