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Hunter Green Jun 2019
Does this wall that separates me,
From the chance I have to fully be free,
Require another, a strong and guiding future,
Some opposite to rectify, or is that just a rumor?

A rose in light dawning,
The life of the earth,
A season of thawing.
Oh golden light, leave me now,
This endless fight, something new to be found.
DG May 2019
They say opposites attract.
The opposites that I regret.
She wanted to leave but I wanted her to stay.
Spent the nights alone but she made my day.
I stayed calm while hearing her shouts.
I had full trust but she still had her doubts.
I wanted her to stay but she wanted to leave.
I was filled with love but she was filled with deceive.
They say opposites attract.
Now I can’t get her back.
I stayed quiet but she had a lot to say.
Late night conversations after a single “Hey!”
I was shy but she carried clout.
I stayed quiet but she was loud.
She went on and I had to grieve.
I gave up everything and she received.

They say opposites attract.
In my case, they just tore me apart
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
An illusion of happiness

If no love is faithful, then love does not truly exist.
If we are not of one consciousness, then we are simply nothing.
If we are heading in opposite directions,
Then we are no longer together;
So can I make a simple suggestion?

You go your own way and I will stand still.
Go climb your mountain tops, as I sit at the bottom of the hill.
You can reach for the moon; I will dig myself a grave.
You can go on without me, because you and I are not the same.

My idea of love is a castle, now in ruins.
Your perfect palace still shines,
So what are we doing?
You are so full of hope, whilst I am only ever helpless,
So I think it is for the best that we split up;
So we break up
And I will just leave love to the rest.

You can continue searching when I am gone,
Because I know you have already begun to look for love.
You must travel your own journey,
Because to me love is not real
And it is no fun.
It is an illusion of happiness,
So take it all with you,
With love;
I am done.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sally Apr 2018
He was the brightest light that I ever known.
Warm, powerful and full of passion.
We bonded over our love for physics,
Little did I know that the forces of gravity were at work.
Pulling us together like 'fate' was written in the stars.
I couldn't stand to be apart from him.
When he smiled at me, and said 'I love you'.
I knew that he was the one.
Through every lifetime,
On every alternate universe.
Aries, I would love you until time and space dissipated.
Death may separate us, but in my heart - you are immortal.
I am forever yours.
- Libra.
Hailyn Suarez May 2017
she's a jumping bean,
bouncing off walls,
breaking in her velvet muscles.

a princess crown encompasses her cranium,
eyelashes like butterfly wings,
fluttering in a breeze.

wearing tic-tacs for teeth,
a smile designed by blind men's hands,
construction of a masterpiece.

eyes aglow with eagerness,
bleeding aquamarine,
flooding my pupils with luminosity.

giggles like dandelion seedtips,
a supplementary appendage,
attached to my forearm.

she blankets me in gentle bear hugs,
curling around like pink yarn,
frayed at the edges.
written at the dining room table
Mark Lecuona Oct 2015
It was a distant shore, alone as he was,
but connected by the sea,
like flat lands laying with man-made shadows;
the sand, for a moment
held footprints in memoriam of a child’s laughter
except what the land remembered
was a family apart

It was the love of a child’s emotion,
tragically killed by reason,
like signs meant to warn those who would favor nature,
as history suggests,
who once walked freely but are now ghosts,
haunting progress
with uncompromising songs of the heart

It was the will of perfection, it’s power,
meant to conquer laughter,
could not accept those who live vicariously,
in a land where the sun never sets;
but unable to bring order to the tragic clinging tides
he walked towards her
consumed by thought, but intrigued by art

It was a struggle for power,
though master and slave were interchangeable
each loving one another,
though he tired of the compromise
for once the moon appears
the grudging day must lie still once again
as long shadows wait for a new days start
Mary Christopher May 2014
I hate every little thing about him,
But I'm drawn to him in a way no one can deny.
He sees me for what I am,
And I see him for what he is,
And we are both horrible
In the most beautiful way,

And I don't want to say
Something like opposites attract
Because it is overused and has lost its meaning,
The very definition of cliché,
But for some reason
This is the phrase that represents us best.

We are complete and total opposites,
And I hate the things he says
And the things he does.
I kind of wish I could punch him in the face,
And maybe someday I will,
But for now I must be content
With saying I love him.
With every essence of my being,
I love him.

God knows why,
And maybe God doesn't even know why.
I sure don't.
But maybe that's what's beautiful about us,
Him and me.

It's just that fact
That neither one of us knows why
When I look into his eyes,
I can't help but feel my face burn with passion,
Burn with hatred,

And maybe that's what love is.
You hate someone so much it makes you crazy,
And the only way to be sane
Is to get back at him in the best way
To make him fall in love with you,
And you with him.

The only way to calm the hatred
Is to **** it, after all.

Though it never truly dies.
It's always there,
That burning feeling
Of him just under your skin,
And maybe that is the phrase's true meaning.
It's not the annoyance we all take it to be,
But that burning sensation
I feel when he turns his hazel eyes to me,

And now I know,
Without a doubt,
That no matter how much I hate him,
I will always and forever more
Love him and everything he is.


— The End —