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Syrah Kai Aug 2018
only when i bared it all
could you truly see me
in all my stark and naked
bruised beauty
Syrah Kai Mar 2018
with a sense of calmness
i waded through the water
and ever ripple i inspired
had a thousand daughters
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Syrah Kai Feb 2018
i waited for tomorrow
because they said it wouldn’t rain
but the weathermen
is often wrong and by the time
tomorrow came
it thunderstormed all day
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Syrah Kai Feb 2018
i woke up and wrote a song
but forgot i couldn’t sing
so i ripped the page from my notebook
and threw it to the birds
they can have the rights and everything.
Syrah Kai Feb 2018
Your skin still smells like,
The first time I touched you:
Like late Sunday afternoons,
On long weekends,
Sweeter than expected,
With all the time in the world.
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Syrah Kai Jan 2018
tearing apart the flesh
peeling back skin
the cold juices
splash your lips as
i watch you undress an orange
do you love me like this?
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Syrah Kai Jan 2018
My heart suffers
From ingenuity
As I learn new ways
To love you, constantly
I can tell you sweet things
Or, they can be *****
Whatever you want to hear
I can play your song
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