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Anthony Perry Feb 2016
I heard PeterPiper picked a pricey pepper, the same day I heard he got chased down by a hungry mob of less than lovely lepers.

Now Peter Piper and his picked pepper are prodded by hot pokers while a village of now happy, hairless, horrifyingly lipless lepers salivate in anticipation of Peter Piper's soon to be pickled body.

The Masses chant and cheer to sounds of Peter's screams that seem to season his sizzling skin as children scrape scolding scraps peeling from his searing kneecaps.

Veins build up pressure, veins then rupture, veins open and spray onto the crowd and moisturize the rough textures, soaked faces gain weight and fall off exposing maggots that festered, excited crowds jump and cheer as their knees buckle and bodies fracture.

The elder ***** picks a peck of pickled Peter Piper, now the elder ***** enjoys a pepper with a peck of old Peter Piper.
Duzy May 2015
I'm Humpty Dumpty, you know my name

I'm Humpty Dumpty of wall sitting fame

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Are useless at jigsaws
Madzq Apr 2015
Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme,
Tell me what to fear this time.
Spin around. Down to the ground.
That's where all dead kids are found.

Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme,
Tell of broken bows that break.
Sing of ash and mourning face.
Tell me lord my soul he'll take.

Nursery rhyme, nursery rhyme
Hide abuse between the lines.
Give excuse for pain and dread.
With happy sound this song is read
Sing this to the tune, "rain, rain, go away"
River Nov 2014
Counting crows at twilight
the maiden could not see
the knave who sat beside her
in all his gallantry
So he cut off her pigtails
he took them to his home
but dropped his hat along the way
and she found him all alone
He counted sheep at midnight
lying in his bed
and could not see her standing there
as she cut off his head
me turning a bad experience into a silly tale
River Oct 2014
A girl with silver skin
silver eyes and silver hair
reflected everyone around
but in the mirror - saw nothing there
Sort of comes off as a nursery rhyme so that's what I'll consider it
Victoria Ruth Jul 2014
Burn burn burn your love
For him and only him
Shining shining shining shining
Until the light goes dim.

Smile smile smile my love
Everything but a frown
Because because because because
I won’t let you drown.

Cool cool cool your love
For him and only him
Splashing splashing splashing splashing
Teach you how to swim.

Smile smile smile my love
It's not what it may seem
Laughing laughing laughing laughing
Life is but a dream.
row row row your boat
gently down the stream
merrily merrily merrily merrily
life is but a dream.
DH Matthews May 2014
Hickory dickory dock
The hands went round the clock
Began to think, poured a drink
******* and three rocks

Hickory dickory dock
Of life, begun to take stock
Quite bereft, there's not much left
And no longer part of the flock

Hickory dickory dock
Went and purchased a Glock
Tastes like metal, burns like a kettle
*******, trigger and stock
nursery rhyme + time
Auss May 2014
Rock a bye body
In the treetops
When the wind blows
My body will drop

Strung up high
And stretch out my neck
Don't leave me swayin
Just show some respect

My whole life is crashing
It's all in a knot
My heart finished beating
Looks like I got caught

My soul will fly high
Way up in the sky
Grin on my face
Is the day that I die
Read to the beat of rock abye baby
Bjørn O Holter Apr 2014
Once upon a time was a girl named Candy
Sweet as a flower and loved all so much.
She was granted a wish by a fairy named Mandy
that turned into candy all that she touched.

The town was filled with the sweets of Candy
the rocks and the houses and bicycles too.
Candy would say that the world was just dandy!
parading the streets in her candy suede shoes.

But everything ends and also for Candy
when all that she touched would turn into sweets.
Realising a candy-lover's not handy
she walked alone on candy-cobbled streets.

And loneliness came like a night over Candy
crying skittles she soon went insane.
She cursed the wish she was granted by Mandy
as she crumbled and cracked like a candy cane.

For the rest of the year the children ate candy
the rocks and the houses and bicycles too.
The children would say that the world was just dandy
and the last sweet they shared was a candy suede shoe.
this poem has been sitting in one of my notebooks for quite some time without making much fuzz. I just remember it as something fun to write in a nursery rhyme-style and with a cute and simple rhyme scheme.

— The End —