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Jane Halliwell Jan 2021
I taste the salt in my mouth
It tastes like not good enough.
I guzzle down water, cold in my chest.

I'm breathing air that's not meant for me
And they're angry about it.
Their pitchforks look like just die already.

Swimming in the ocean of my madness
Nothing there to buoy me
And the seagulls sound like what's the point

If there is a light, I can't see it.
The darkness envelops me.
This is where you belong.

They pushed me aside
Better to pretend I don't exist
And the alone smells like give it up

But in the stillness there's a voice
If I'm quiet I can hear it
It feels like keep fighting

So I do.
Jane Halliwell Apr 2015
Swear my name
let it bleed from your lips
let your eyes take a sip
as you return your hips
to mine
Jane Halliwell Nov 2014
Counting crows at twilight
the maiden could not see
the knave who sat beside her
in all his gallantry
So he cut off her pigtails
he took them to his home
but dropped his hat along the way
and she found him all alone
He counted sheep at midnight
lying in his bed
and could not see her standing there
as she cut off his head
me turning a bad experience into a silly tale
Jane Halliwell Oct 2014
I dare not dance.
I dare not laugh.

And whenever I am lost
I know I have a home
there in the shadows.

The absence
of all that is good
embraces me.

The hollow
left by the abandonment of peace
is a companion
ready to welcome my presence.

There - in the corners
of long-forgotten cobwebs
is the place I return to
to be enveloped
when hope
rejects my glittering gaze.

I have a place always
among the ruins
of short-circuited desires.

I make my bed
with the monsters children run from.

I belong in the nothing.
Jane Halliwell Oct 2014
A girl with silver skin
silver eyes and silver hair
reflected everyone around
but in the mirror - saw nothing there
Sort of comes off as a nursery rhyme so that's what I'll consider it
Jane Halliwell Oct 2014
There's an earthquake
in my

And a volcano
in my

Lava runs
right through my

Winds are howling
in my

I glance around
but I can't

I try to scream
but I can't

Don't you notice
how I

How can you
so calmly
Jane Halliwell Apr 2014
It would be a lie
To say I don't miss your touch;
I crave you daily
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