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Lee Carter Oct 2020
Born in nineteen seventeen,
And died in sixty-seven.
His heart gave out, he became a ghost!
But did not go to heaven...

So now he haunts these hallowed grounds
From silver nights to dewy dawn.
His spectral frame glides above the grass
And drifts across the lawn.

But when morning comes and moonlight fades,
He knows it's time to leave.
To allow the other graveyard patrons
Their own time to grieve.

So he floats off to his tombstone,
Lies down in this coffin bed.
Every morning he dreams he is alive-
But each night he wakes up dead.
Happy October!
Shiv Pratap Pal Jun 2020
Dumpit Trumpit sat on a car
Dumpit Trumpit made a great wall

Dumpit Trumpit planted hate
Clashes became everyone's fate

Dumpit Trumpit divided all
Dumpit Trumpit had a great fall

All the king's donkeys and all the king's men
Couldn't elect Dumpit Trumpit again and again
Let's Cherish Childhood
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
Jack and Jill ran up a bill
To private school their daughter.
Jack fell into schemes and broke his dreams,
And Jill came crumbling after.
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Jack and Neil, Ran up to the hill
To get some fruit for breakfast

Jack climbed up a tree
Started plucking apples

Neil stood on the ground
Waiting for Jack and apples

An Apple Fell Down
Hit straight on Ground

And Jack also fallen after.
Both ran to pick the Apple

The Apple was found
Picked from the Ground

Both Jack and Neil
Changed their Mind

They took the single Apple
And came home thereafter

They Ate the Fallen Apple
And both smiled with laughter
Let's Cherish Childhood
Shiv Pratap Pal Oct 2019
Jack and Sill
Swallowed a Pill
Ran up to the Hill
To kil* a heavy Monster

Jack shot and Missed
Sill shot and Killed
The ugl* heavy Monster
Let's Cherish Childhood.
Oh I don't like Hello Poetry's system of automatic selection and marking of offensive words and displaying it as ***, because it often fails.
More often it marks those words or parts which are not at all offensive. It fails to understand the context in which the words has been used.
To avoid this I have myself tried to put *
Shiv Pratap Pal Sep 2019
Mac and Boon
Went up to the Moon
Mac became ill
Boon gave a Pill

Boon Said Thank You
Moon said get well soon
Let's Cherish Childhood
Shiv Pratap Pal Aug 2019
Mr. Lotto
Went to Kyoto
Clicked a Photo
Turned Right

Found a Sumo
Entered fight
Returned home
With a Prize
Let's Cherish Childhood
ALesiach Jul 2019
It leaves the station,
then it begins its acceleration.
Off to its new destination,
all the cars in formation.

The train goes rushing by.
Can you hear the whistle blow?
It zips along day or night,
in the rain and in the snow.

Over the hills and through the mountains,
through the square and pass the fountain.
With a screech, its journey is done,
Hop aboard we will have such fun.

ALesiach © 11/09/2014
ALesiach Jul 2019
The day is over, time to rest,
I pray my family for you to bless.

Please watch over me day to day
and do not let me go astray.

Thank you God for Mom and Dad
and blessing our family with all we have.

Help me to do better in school
and remember to follow all the rules.

Forgive me any wrongs I have done
and help me be a good son.

Thank you Jesus for entering my heart,
I pray as I grow we never part.

Now, as I close my eyes to sleep,
please stay and watch over me.
Shiv Pratap Pal Jul 2019
Ting Tong Bell
Sinners in the Hell

Who put them in?
Their bigger sins

Who pull them out?
Good Karmas bright

Nursery Rhyme Ends Here

What a life Human's have?

Birth and Death
Death and Birth

Hell and Heaven
Heaven and Hell

Round and Round
Round and Round

Until Moksha is attained
Let's Cherish Childhood
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