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Jade Wright Dec 2020
Nursery Haikus  

A selection of poems inspired by children I worked with throughout my time as a Nursery Practitioner.

Circle Time

If I had one wish
I would become the person
that you see me as


Happiest outside
Stomping stars, building, making
creating your world.


Come back and see me
In your bright new uniform
and tell your stories

Pre-School Huxley  

I remember when
Our mornings always began
With tears, then stories.

Baby Huxley

Tutu in my lap,                                                                                                                                                                sequins in your pockets shine                                                                                                                                         but we shine brighter


You take my hand like
I belong to you, and for
The next term I do.


Your contagious smile
Made my darkest days brighter;
light reflected back.


I watch you make art
and remember how it feels
to see true beauty.


Strong as your namesake
excited by the world and
the people in it.


The world is waiting
for you to come and change it
like you changed mine.


The moon and stars are
waiting for you to take aim
and echo through you.


If only you knew
The power of your laughter
My little treasure.

Career goals

Glorified Nanny?
Early Years Practitioner?
They love me the same.  

Jade Wright
brandon nagley Jun 2015
In dark
And in light
In day
And in night

Through a cry
Through a laugh
Through a window on a desk

In a blessing of disguise
Through hideous moan
Of the most tearful cry

In the rain of heavens sky

Through a pupil of a queens diamond like eyes

We all have feelings
We all feeleth pain
Through the sewage pipe
Of the bludgeoned insane

In a coffin
In a grave
Through a mother or father
Of the most pitiful pain

To a lost child
In another country
A brother or sister
Feeding family so much,

Feeding the hungry

Through thy dreams
In thy death
Beyond the hurt
And through the blessed

In the stripes of a slave
In an escapee in a cave

Through someone so lonely
Lonely like me

Mostly through the loss
The blind
And those who canst now see

Beauty now shines through a frown
Only to make all kings and Queen's

So next time

When thou openeth thy eyes
Take a look at the beauty
That lies in between

Between thou and me
Every god created sea
Every earth quake
And Hollywood's lost dreams

Make everything love
Not make believe

Old poetry from about 3 years ago lol enjoy ():

— The End —