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Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
Jack and Neil, Ran up to the hill
To get some fruit for breakfast

Jack climbed up a tree
Started plucking apples

Neil stood on the ground
Waiting for Jack and apples

An Apple Fell Down
Hit straight on Ground

And Jack also fallen after.
Both ran to pick the Apple

The Apple was found
Picked from the Ground

Both Jack and Neil
Changed their Mind

They took the single Apple
And came home thereafter

They Ate the Fallen Apple
And both smiled with laughter
Let's Cherish Childhood
Luke Jul 2017
There was an man from Harrington,
Oh how he wanted to become a nun,
But he ate too much,
So he stopped being butch,
And wasn't allowed to be a nun all because he weighed a ton.
This is to my poor friend Neil who was rejected from a nunnery because of his physical size. I hope that it causes people to protest about the injustice in this world
Colm Apr 2017
Would you find me a girl with the bravery and boldness of a Coraline Jones's heart?
Not someone who demands my attentive love or the backing of a musical score.
But someone real.
Someone who knows every deep and dark and shallow fear.
Someone particular and peculiar.
Who perhaps I can make a cheese omelette for.
Love that book. Kinda hate that movie.
Taylor St Onge Oct 2015
Somewhere on the moon last night, Neil Armstrong came back to life and was standing in the middle of the Sea of Tranquility in complete darkness.  His frail, decaying hands that were no doubt filled with formaldehyde, held a rather large and sure-to-be extremely heavy boombox that loomed up and over his head, blasting “Total Eclipse of the Heart” on repeat.  He said that it crossed his mind more than once to replace the six faded white American Flags with the stereo, but ultimately decided against it.

In mythology, bleeding is considered to be a feminine attribute:  
                                                                                         * “I bleed, therefore I am.” * 
(But this is also the downfall of a version of feminism that is not intersecular.)  ((Your lunar cycle does not necessarily need to function in order to be considered a woman.))  (((I am not sure of which, if any, version of feminism Neil Armstrong subscribed to.)))

                                                ­              ­                            When a woman is bleeding, they say that she is at the height of her power; she is aligned with the tides and the cosmos.  She is celestial.  Blood is sacred,
eternal—the very essence of our beings—
                                                ­        ­      ­                      but if the Blood Moon was
                                                ­            ­  ­              really just the moon on her period,
what could she do last night she could do at no other point in her life?  
Where was her power?  She was isolated,
                                                                ­              forgotten by the sun,
                                           hidden away inside the umbra of the earth.  

(Which is the part where the masculine power of the sun rejected the most important feminine attribute of the moon.)

Michael Collins flew solo around the moon while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin played with dust and rocks.  For 48 minutes he was completely alone, radio silenced behind the shadow, and he thought about death and being the last man standing from Apollo 11.

Inside Neil Armstrong’s speakers, Bonnie Tyler was crooning that
                      “your love is like a shadow on me all of the time,”
and I have not yet decided if this is                       good or bad.  Instead,
I am wondering if Buzz Aldrin feels sore for eternally being second best?  Or
if he still thinks that the view from the moon is still one of “magnificent desolation?”  And does he feel this way about all three of his ex-wives?  Do they know that the moon was his first love?

We name missions to the moon, to
Luna’s surface, to Diana’s territory, after a
Greek and Roman god of the sun, when
                                                            ­          wolves howl to the goddess
                                                         ­                                                               instead.
sometimes i try to be funny and yet serious idk
Grace Pickard Apr 2014
I put on Harvest Moon
Neil Young wraps me in his arms
The music makes me swoon
Dulls out the loud alarms

Breathe in

I am in a valley beneath one tree
The earth hugs me with grass
Wind calls to address me
"This all shall pass"

Breathe out

My tears pitter patter like rain drops
Soaking my memories with confusion
Every fact hurls through mid air and stops
This rainstorm had no preclusion

Breathe in

Imagining us far apart in separate whens
Both living- saying adieu
"I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you"

Breathe out

No matter the shatter, I must keep trying
Give me the power to overcome
I can stop myself from internally dying
And bring back what isn't numb

Breathe in

Listen to my somber melody
Connect with my bitter bones
Appreciate my new identity
Walk with me into the unknown

I'm not the same person you knew
Take me in your arms- would you?
Our song was harvest moon - so I reference it quite a bit
Gracie Pickard  April 20, 2014

— The End —