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Why does it all feel right with you
And wrong without you
With you it all makes sense
Or maybe I’m just addicted
Like ****,
You make me see colors in dark places
The rush I feel
The high with you can be compared to none
I’m binged on you
The tweaking ,I can’t sleep
I keep seeing you in my head
And Sometimes I crash
The terrible hangover
The withdrawal is the worse and then I revert
Cos I’m weak
I need you like I need oxygen
You are my addiction
Being addicted to a person is real and can really hurt if not reciprocated.
If you are currently battling any form of addiction have faith, you are stronger than you think
Love and light❤️
I get lost in my head
Lost in thoughts
Lost in fears
Lost in doubts
Pressure to be better
To be great
Fears that what if I can’t
Hopes that what if I can
Sometimes the demon wins
And I get completely lost
And sometimes I win
Covered in bruises
But a win
I’d rather keep fighting
Keep hoping
Hope that I can
I hope this makes any sense
But we all fighting something
I hope we all win
We can’t always be happy
We can’t always be strong
We can’t always have it easy
We can’t always be the best
We can’t always be positive
We can’t always be grateful
We can’t always smile
We can’t always be healthy
We can’t always succeed
We can’t always be okay
We can’t always win
We will all die someday
It’s the bitter truth
  Nov 2019 Kolade oyindamola
Kim B
Alone but not
Lonely but not

A true conundrum
  Nov 2019 Kolade oyindamola
Gina Mosxa
You feed the beast his daily bread
And wish him well, to hold high his head

But you don't care of his emotional state
You're simply doing what you must
To be sure you're not
The next on his plate.
  Oct 2019 Kolade oyindamola
What is meant to be will be
Well, maybe or maybe not
However, it becomes more feasible
When we do what we're supposed to do
But if we just keep our fingers crossed
perpetually, waiting patiently
for what to be, to be
Then, what isn't meant to be could be the continuous "be-ing"
Of all the fears I posses
death is not one of them
Living without a purpose I fear
Live with purpose
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