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What is meant to be will be
Well, maybe or maybe not
However, it becomes more feasible
When we do what we're supposed to do
But if we just keep our fingers crossed
perpetually, waiting patiently
for what to be, to be
Then, what isn't meant to be could be the continuous "be-ing"
Of all the fears I posses
death is not one of them
Living without a purpose I fear
Live with purpose
A constant
Could be expected or unexpected
Negative or positive
A challenge or a solution
Yet a change
the way you look at things
The things you look at.
Promotion, death, birth, joy, sadness, peace, discomfort, anxiety, age, days, life
All changes
Never be unprepared
Life is change
One memory refuses to fade
How you touched me like you didn’t want to
How you succumbed to my request like you merely pitied me
How you kissed me like it left a bitter taste afterwards
How you looked disgusted afterwards
Those memories never depart

It was at that exact moment I knew it was over
I realize I was unwanted
I was a nuisance
Never remain where you are not wanted
Self deceit is the worse kind of addiction...
Be as true to yourself as possible

...Break free
If you can’t truthfully analyze your self then how do you get better?
I spend way too much time thinking about you
Going through old messages
Longing to hear your voice each day
I have a shirt that smells like you
never washed it, scared of it loosing your scent
I want to spend each day wrapped in your arms
I want you to be as enamored of me as I am of you.
Never be too afraid to say what you feel
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