I remember I could see,
that you were meant to be with me
But now all I see is blood.
We were gonna be,
Forever oh you see,
But now I'm not enough.
You were oh so lovely,
When you used to love me
But now it's all so fucked

I cried the night you left,
And I woke up missing you,
And I know it's for the best,
And it's what we had to do,
But Damn it I'm in love,
Girl you hold my heart,
And I swear to god above,
I wish we didn't have to part,
But as it stands we do,
And now you're so far away,
And I'm still in love with you,
But neither of us could ever stay.

Oh I once looked into your eyes
And saw myself reflected.
But I never saw what you saw in me,
What's got you so affected.
I now I cannot see you eyes
You're much too far away,
And I still don't know what it is you see,
But oh my love...please stay?

Who holds your heart now?
I don't know who holds mine.
I miss you when all is quiet
But she makes everything fine.
I wish I could say, why I did it
Why I had to break your heart,
But I just want you to feel better,
You deserve yourself a new start.

I'm in love, that's all you need to know,
I'm still holding on, and I'll never let go,
She's the one, and I hope she'll be mine,
Without her, how could anything be fine?

My heart sunk as I read the word,
the most painful of all I've ever heard,
I know you're gone, but don't know why,
it broke my heart when you said 'bye'.

She'll love you forever,
but I think that you'll find,
Forever just means,
till she changes her mind.

So don't waste a moment,
make the most of each day,
I know love is fleeting,
but you should love anyway.

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