I'm in love, that's all you need to know,
I'm still holding on, and I'll never let go,
She's the one, and I hope she'll be mine,
Without her, how could anything be fine?

My heart sunk as I read the word,
the most painful of all I've ever heard,
I know you're gone, but don't know why,
it broke my heart when you said 'bye'.

She'll love you forever,
but I think that you'll find,
Forever just means,
till she changes her mind.

So don't waste a moment,
make the most of each day,
I know love is fleeting,
but you should love anyway.

The fire laps, at my willing skin,
as I wait for my ending, to begin,
the heat it sears, and skin turns black,
as I hope this time, I won't come back,
but then water runs, along my arm,
this was just another, pointless harm,
yet I am glad, for harms distract,
and I need time, to recompose my act.

You'll never love me again,
But that's okay I got time,
Never can't be that long,
'Cause forever was no time at all.

I don't know, this one just felt sing-songy, too much Kuo-Toa, I'm going mad like them

I guess that am fueled by spite,
More than anything else at all,
Cause it's 1am and here I write,
But it's not meant to make you fall


I miss the days, when I could say,
all the things I needed to,
When I could stutter through some poems,
And explain why I love you.

I miss the days when I could call,
At 2AM in tears,
And you would be there for me,
And brush away my fears.

I miss the days when I was there,
And you were by my side,
When you laughed your sweet sweet laughter,
And I didn't have to hide.

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