And so death comes,
with crimson tides,
with cold harsh steel,
and graceful strides,
with burning pain,
and sweet release,
but at least this feeling,
will come to cease.

I want to kiss you slowly, like it'll last
not like it's the intro, I want to skip past,
I want to kiss you like we're dancing, soft and slow
to kiss you all night, like I've nowhere to go.
I want to kiss you like a painter, my lips the brush,
your body the canvas, with no need to rush.
I want to kiss you until, I forget my name,
till I forget everything, and you do the same.
I want to kiss you so much, that's all I'll say,
and it kills me that you're, still so far away.

For my amazing, girlfriend Pearl, who's lips I miss more than Pania missed the sea

And the stars that whispered of things to be,
as I roamed at night, just myself and me,
as I roam once again, on a moonlit night,
well I can't see them, in city light,

so the streetlamps hear, of my love for you,
and without stars, they'll have to do.

The last words I plan to write
before the darkness, of endless night,
will be just these, short and few,
I'm sorry for what, I did to you.

The curtain falls, and ushers in,
a blackness, mirrored deep within,
the stands are empty, the stage is dark,
my footsteps echo, as I embark.

And so I leave the stage behind,
the glorious world, where I once shined,
sans hope, sans light, sans life, sans air
I know where I'm going, and I'm not yet there.


What am I supposed to do? As I feel you slip away?
What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to say?
I just wanted to be yours, I just wanted us to last,
but now all our forevers, just feel like moments in the past.

But I want to wake up with you, and I want to be your love,
and I want to make it through this, and I want to rise above,
So please don't up and leave me, please don't be gone for good,
you make me so, so happy, like no one ever could.

I once used words to build a girl wings,
Made her an angel who flew on false strings,
I wrote her endless passages of heartfelt emotion,
as I sat and stared out at the endless blue ocean.

But now I feel to much, to find the prose,
to compare your beauty, to that of a rose,
for it's incomparable, to all else I see,
but know that you, are beauty to me.

So though I don't write like I once did of her,
know that it's you, that I prefer.
For the right words don't exist, to say I love you,
but I assure you that, I truly do

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