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Tekan Feb 1
I used to walk proud and tall

I used to stand for something

But now all I do is fall

To where there is nothing
Finding myself in a constant crawl,
Only feeling lifes sting
I prepare for deaths call.
But still there's no ring,

Nothing at all...

Motivation is breaking
As every gear up, ends in a stall
Every part of me aching
As I hit my brick wall

I'm searching for an awakining.

Please help me recall!

Because I can't keep faking -
My Life is taking a heavy tol.
Tekan Jan 5
Her daisy soul blossoms open to the smell of the fresh dawn,
her white silky petals begin to streach out in all directions as she begins her day.
Wide eyed and awake
she reveals her bright yellow center
filled with sweet pollen.

Spending her days ******* in the sun,
She allows the energy to rhythmically vibrate all around her
and as the wind tries to blow her down,
She sways in its way.
Creating soft breezes out of  howling waves.
standing tall on her delicate thin steam,
she proudly parades with the living.
Happily accepting her place on earth,
she digs her roots deep within.
Allowing nature to flow through her vains,
Infinitely creating life,
with the mere existence of her daisy soul.
My best friend
  Jan 4 Tekan
Come out of the mirror,
Come out of the blues,
Come to the real world,
It belongs to you.
Take a deep breathe,
Unsheathe the wreath,
Beneath the barren heath,
A new life is going to meet.
Tekan Jan 3
My klein Ouma
smeer haar liefde
soos botter

Sy smeer van kant tot kant
en gee liefde orals,
wat langsaam versmelt in die deug
van haar sagte brood

My klein Ouma se liefde
vul al die gate in die warm brood

“Niks is beter as brood nie”
Is wat Ouma altyd se

En tog, is sy verbasend klein …
Sy eet net die krummels
en gee vir ander
haar gebotterde brood
so gesond
so lekker

My klein Ouma
Vol liefde gesmeer
An Afrikaans poem written for my gran
Tekan Jan 2
Leaving me wanting more
I reminisce your first sight
Not a single flaw
Everything just right

As you move on the dance floor
In the evening light
Four by four
Beats with a bite

I feel your energy roar
With all its might
I wanna see what els is in store
So I pop you an invite

"meet me at the door
I'm the lady in white

if you wanting your soul to soar
and ignite

Love youre
Tekan Jan 2
Doing what must be done just doesn't seem fun
As if there is nothing left to adore,
life seems like a bore.
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