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Vikram sikki Sep 2018
What’s opposite of a teacher

I have thanked them all
For what I am
But wait master Ji
What about the glass half empty

No credits to thee
For the ignorant, indignant,
insolent -me
For indecisive, irrational -me

For teaching the logic of convenience
Over the struggle and friction
then enabling to veneer the meekness
with vainglorious diction

“Sit  down” for “How?”
“Shut up” for “ Why??”
You didn’t even,
ever let me Try!
Branded the doubt as foolery
and ensured that my mind
be all but free
Yes, all but

Contouring my thoughts
with that of someone else’s
Delineating the world
of abstracts into absolutes
Befouling the beauty of randomness
by the confines of routine

So why
Yes - Why
I dare to ask
On this day ‘ O Teacher’,
you stand so tall
All in all you’re just
Another brick in the wall.
Inspired floyd
Vikram sikki Aug 2017
He is dead and close
As he never shows
Tantrums and huffs
Like others all the time

He never jumps and scare
Does not annoy anymore
Never turn up and never turn down
Never offends, never complains

Just silently lurks in memories
And looks all happy
Quietly stays in the past
That will always last

We never talked that much
Now I wish I could
But he ll never know
That I wished so

He will never be
The friend he could be
Will never know my secret tree
My top ten and our best three

But it's good that he didn't see
How I cried and cried
when he Ceased to be
And gone like an escapee

As if a song finishes abruptly
Only never to be replayed
Your mind tries hard to rewind
But sorrow distorts memory all the time

But wait
Mine is dead
Yours may still be here
Some so dear, some not near

Do whatever
Talk, sing, cry,shoot, send
Anything is better than
That one dead friend..

Nothing happens later
You know better!!
Do it till you can.
Vikram sikki Jul 2017
Don't talk to me
Ye vanity
Cladding truth in urbanity

Expressions left to emojis
For Conversations we type
Reassuring through selfies
Relationships through swipes

Get drenched in rain
Get scorched in Sun
Quiver once in a while in pain
Drain out after a run

Get in a fight in real
Burst off of sorrow
Then you ll know what matters
It's today not tomorrow

Let go
Let go
O please
Let go
The veneer of sophistication
The hope of impression
Smiling through frustration
And short term-fad salvation

And if not
Never blame it on generation
For We took the turns
and We paved the path
We are here for what we chose
And we only ll be wondering at last

we always had a choice
We are sold to the times. We are owned and fed.
Vikram sikki Jun 2017
That's what we need
Now More than ever
To show
That we are together

Enough of "holier than thou"
And clamour over the cow
We couldn't have fought
Had we put a thought
That all our customs and faith
Are to gather and celebrate
And embrace all

So More than ever it's now
Necessary to take a vow
That together we grow
And let them know
Who toss us into fire
Of instigated ire

We all had a choice
And we all have a choice

This time
Let's savor the kheer
And a hug a little tighter
Let the crescent moon glow
On us all a little brighter

Eid Mubarak
Let's be better.
Let's live let's love
Vikram sikki May 2017
Come see it
Just see
Don't think , don't blink
Let it be

And please No.
no... no... no
Stop trying to acknowledge
With adjectives learned from college

Not everything seen
Has to mean
This place, this moment
You 've never been
Nor can you be
So just see

Come see it
You lucky one
For not all can
But only
some see it.

See it
Vikram sikki Jan 2017
Love is when you understand
that she doesn't understand
everything you assume she understands.

But love fails
when you feel
that she won't understand
and decide not to make her understand
because she for sure understands that
and choose to overlook it as a misunderstanding.

I hope you understand!!
Love understanding heartbreak comeback revival realisation
Vikram sikki Jan 2017
When we don't do
what we want to;
See how we do
What we have to ;

So should we do
What we have to?
Like we can do
What we want to ;

Or just do
And get over with it
And wait
To do that same rut

Or fight within
And end up
Doing none of what
You should have done
Cry aloud
For sooner or later
You ll have to do
What you had to
But not what you want to

O god
What to do?

We often do
A lot of things
To undo
Things we did

That's so messed up
Do it
undo that
And sometimes undo all
that -You did
to undo that -you did earlier

Sounds a horrible vicious cycle
Ain't it
But trust me it's worse
When you do it
And even more terrifying
When you know
You did it

So what I ll do
Is something new
And not think about it
Will do and just do.

Will that do?
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