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Greyisntwell Jan 2021
Tear drops
Jealous of the ones who can

This sadness is heavy
But I can't help but be in love with it
Held down for so long
Held in for even longer

They never crash around me
Slap me back into existence
Slap me again and reawaken this heart

Held my head in the dark
This heart can't seem to restart

This sadness is heavier
Than it will always seem
Greyisntwell Oct 2020

Throw a ring of salt
To protect us from your faults

Hey! Hey! Get down and accept your fate
If your praying to god than you
know its too late

I hope you choke
Choke on your words
Choke on your *******
Choke on your bile that you call the truth
Just choke!

The devil you know smiles in your face
The devil you know awaits for you
At the end of this race..

I hope you choke
Choke on your words
Choke on your *******
Choke on your bile that you call the truth
Just choke!

Hey! Hey! Get down with the ******
Those vultures fly among
Where our corpses should lie..

I hope you choke...

I hope you choke...
This is a song I wrote.
Greyisntwell Oct 2020
Id fallen in love with a girl who had died.
fallen in love with a corpse bride.

An image, apparition, a fiend, and a lie.
A smile with fangs behind and stained glass eyes. A connection of the depths i wish I could hide.

Intimate reflections of infinite life,
Gone in an instant, remembered in time.
Immortalized in the wounds that i never could find.

In love with death and the devil in flight.
The details were gone where the fairy tails write, and whats left but a fight.
Why return to the exceptions i try.
Though still struggle i might to accept what I write

Ive fallen in love with
A treasure, a shrine, a hedonist pride. The pleasure of life, and weakness of mind.
Ive fallen in love with death, ive fallen in love with life,
Ive fallen so many times with deception and hell in my mind.

The interruption of entering high
Energy eruption destroying the signs.
I wish it was true, that wishing was worth the time.

But even if things had a reason, the seasons still change like the lights
In the sky and the tides.
Will the spirit reward all our risks with a ride. What you do with your will, will be fine. Just remember who gave you the time. What words can alarm the forlorn.

The award was a sword cut from ice. The current can keep me at peace, electricity. The currency foreign or at least, if I reign for a moment as king, would the kind still remember me. Or be cast aside as a cloud in the sky, overcast could the rain last for life. Thunder claps when the performance is right.

And if I die, on my corpse perform rites.
Ive fallen in love with a bride.
Ive fallen in love with a lie.
Ive fallen in love with a girl.
Who has been. Gone for as long as I.

Head in the trees feeling free
Head in the clouds where the spirits come out
In the canopy of leaves visualizing dreams.
the crescent moon peaks, looking out, at my feet.

the sun sets soon then comes back around.
Scars from a war left unfinished,
wounds on my arm from a battle, self inflicted.

In a room with no walls as I wished it.
Burn marks and questionable decisions.
Unwavering confidence I listened.
Makeshift options of forgiveness.
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
By the light of the moon
Let its rays wash down.
Dancing in the garden
Wanting to sin like
Father and Mother

The first bite of
The golden apple was rotten
Was it worth it
To be haunted by what was to come

By the light of the moon
The serpent's kiss
Was ever so tempting
Was it worth it
To be haunted
By what was to follow

By the light of the moon
Paradise was burned
The hands now bound by fate

The seraphim ripped
Their world apart
The apple was rotten
And beautiful
Was it worth it to be haunted
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
My heart
My heart
Can't call out to
Something that isn't there
It won't call out
Into the unknown
You left me there
You left me there to die
How can I forgive?
Oh God! Save me!
Oh God! Save us!
This isn't my time
This isn't the place
Hell hath no fury
Like a broken heart!!
My heart can't call out
My heart won't call out
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
Its 2:13am and the walls are getting thin?Your lingering words have slipped on in?"Tell me do you fear death?"??

How long should it linger?
Taken my words and out them through the ringer?

Hey! I'm not dead yet?
BUT! I've got one foot in the gutter?
The others in the grave?

?I used to be so brave?Gaslighted and it took its toll?"Tell me do you fear death?"??

Can you make it go all away?
Can you wash it all away?
In my house of mirrors?I used to be so happy!??

All my rage burns at my finger tips?
All my sadness holds onto my lips?
All my anger that is my greatest sin?
Tell me do you fear death???

How long should it linger…??

How long should it linger?Your words singing on your last breath??

It's 2:13am and the walls are getting thin?Your lingering words have slipped on in?"Tell me do you fear death?"

You have no idea
This was loosely inspired by Jack sparrow and Davey Jones
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
A deep breath in
Let my world collapse
And rebuild on its own

Tear down those walls
By the bricks that I laid down
Tear down those walls
With the light of her world

It was perfectly reckless
The way you left me defenseless
You broke me in
Then let me down

A deep breath in
And the world is spinning around into the atmosphere

How can these words hold so much weight?
It was perfectly reckless
The way you left me defenseless

You took my hand and promised me the world. Like childish intentions you let
Me fall and I'm swimming among the ashes..

A deep breath in
Let my world collapse
And rebuild on its own
Greyisntwell Sep 2020

Go into that darkened light


Kiss my lips and tell me how to die
Expect us to change
Trapped like a rat in its cage


Fight against the dying of the light
Found myself in the shadows
Of Prometheus’s might
***** the candle
Drink from the poisonous well
Listen to the chiming of Deaths bell.


Sing the funeral song
Fight against the darkened light
Give us one last fight


Against the darkened light
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
Solitary sinner in a God-fearing world
Heretic to some
Blasphemer to others

Mirror mirror
Is this my disguise
The disguise to hide
To hide- the anger
To hide- the guilt
To hide- the shame
Half God, half devil

This is the role we were meant to play
My roots are cut off at the base
My fight isn't against the world
My fight is with the demons within
My blade is stronger
My wounds lie deeper
Mirror mirror

Can I face this disguise
I show the world?
Tired of fighting back
Tired of lieing to others
Greyisntwell Sep 2020
Jumping around like parcor methamptehmine
My thoughts never stop
Am I opting for another way out??
The truth
The lies
As this paranoia sinks its fangs on in
This world is nothing more
than a ******* blur
Hateful words
Misanthropic state of mind
My ******* high in the air
As I load this pistol...
This ominous piece of steel..
Can you say
Count to 3???
I guess I can't do anything right
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