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Cotton Candy Jun 2019
i let softness sit in my chest
cotton candy woven between ribs
sweet and light and a bit sticky to the touch,
hard to untangle oneself from

i let softness take a seat at the table
fold its hands in its lap
smile, nod, and listen with joy
such polite company, the kind you hope stays late

i let softness make its home here
to the best of my ability
welcome it openly and appreciate its presence
try and return its kindness
made this as my first poem hence my username lol,,, i'll try to write more often.
ATC Apr 2015
Sitting in a stuffy blue room with my counselor,
she speaks quiet words
to guide me to be gentle with myself
explaining that my feelings are heavy things,
I hear my fathers voice float through the air
from the time I was a child,
speaking for me to stay softhearted
as I tried to hide my tears with my baby blanket.
I suppose I am still learning.
Crushing Love Apr 2015
True Love?
I *used
to believe it existed,
But when you've had your heart torn out
And thrown on the floor
you just don't care anymore
Ask me why I keep on *
I'm really confused with myself......

— The End —