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Michelle Aug 2015
his smile more intriguing than that depicted in the mona lisa.

his hair so golden it puts van gogh's sunflowers to shame.

his eyes pop brighter than lichtenstein's art.

eat your heart out, monet, for my man is far more beautiful than impressionist landscapes.

and why did michelangelo not paint my darling on the sistine chapel?
for he is an angel on earth.

for he is a work of art.
kiryuen Jun 2015
sometimes hearsay isn't enough
I'm digging, digging,
oh, just raking up the flower bed

you have a sweet face
open yet so guarded
what secrets do you hide behind cherry lips?
you will share them with me over cake and cold tea
you will not take them to your grave, it's impolite

pray tell, what brings you here
and who gave you secrets
speak, those lips aren't just for the painting
why so silent, lady? silence is impolite
I said, you will share your secrets with me
I've already prepared cake and tea and a soft bed for you
(is it normal to be so angry)

the tea is cold, I apologize
you see, we have no warmth in these parts
you're new here, so you have to learn quickly
secrets are our currency

you have lips like a flower, quite dainty
(flowers also die easily)
don't make me pluck the petals, one by one
woman, deflowered
you will share your secrets, one by one

yes of course, I will send the painting to your husband back home

I walk out onto the veranda
in the living room, the butler picks up cherry-red petals and stores them in a jar
I see the flower bed in the distance (at least what's left of it)
I did my best digging it up, I believe it makes a soft bed
I told you, she will not take her secrets to her grave

fret not, woman, oblivion is not an issue
I will see you in flower beds, and in portraits of guarded smiles
your family will remember you in the painting I sold to a museum instead

woman, portrait
you're no longer a mystery
thanks for sharing your secrets over cake and cold tea
Amber Mar 2015
Mona Lisa smiles,
but is it a smile that hides
her true feelings.
Does she really smile or is she just giving the world what they
want to see.
Or do we just see what we want to see?
Is Mona Lisa truly happy?
Skanda Feb 2015
When You get an idea,
You type it up
Thats what a regular poet would do,
But this is how you do it my way

First you need a peace of mind,
And a bit of humour
But Don't be Blind
Open Up your Mind

Sit by the sun
And snack on a bun
Stretch your fingers
And start typing..

Then feel Proud of what you've done
And Click the Publish Button
And wait for all the Viewers
To say the poem is more intricate
then 'the Mona Lisa'!
sweet ridicule Feb 2015
Filing robotically
Smiling like a million
Mona Lisas
In a portrait that
has violently painted them
violently painted us
decided our landscape
painted violently
smile smile smile
Mona Lisa smile
It demands that we smile
This is not art
Smile smile smile
But are you happy
Smile smile smile
But are you happy
Fall fall fall
crack the smile
serene Mona Lisa
is cursed
like us.
how much of this is real?
Olivia Burton Oct 2014
Beyond my amber eyes are the windows to my soul.
They think that they can see my soul.
I sit behind a cage
of glass and gold,
wanting to break out.
Explore the cold mountains at my back.
Roam the swirling colors of my dreams.
Wanting my bones to be hollow
so that I can fly away,
Like a bird through a shimmering veil of light
into the heavens beyond this cage.
My eyes follow you everywhere,
they search the nameless faces
behind golden cages.
I know
what you are thinking about me.
"That's her smile?"
Look into my eyes
My soul
Do you see
Am I holding in fallen tears?
I don't even want to be here.
I want to break free,
of this golden prison
like a bird from a cage.
Do you see me now?
Look into my eyes
and see that I have no soul.
A nameless face on a homeless wall,
I am the Lady Lisa.
Inspired by the Mona Lisa, By Leonardo Davinci
Megan Sep 2014
I gaze  at my reflection
in a gilt picture frame.

She has the slimmest
sliver of a smile painted
on her  expressionless face.

Her perfect eyes are so
intense, so empty.

Am I this predictable?
I don't know why, but I am really inspired by the Mona Lisa at the moment. This is my 3rd post today, and the second about this painting. What?
Raphael Uzor Apr 2014
After all this while,
Mona Lisa of poetry
Is still a mirage...*

© Raphael Uzor
Still searching for that almighty piece. Have you found it? Anyone?

— The End —