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Florivee Feb 2020
a thousand thoughts would have been saved for the day it would be needed most

if you just looked up and stare at the vast heavens of complete bliss

and let the sky worry about being blue
Florivee Feb 2018
You look at him and his eyes remind you of something that tickles your stomach and grips your heart hard. You don't know it at first but as you get to know him better, as you witness his different sides, you'll realize it is the fear that after so many years and behind the love that he showers you is that if given the chance, he will still choose his old love over the new love that you let your heart out for and you fearfully took a risk at.
Florivee Jan 2018
Look at me like a lion looks at its preys
dangerous but with intent
despite the dreadful gaze,
I long to come near your whiskers
eat me piece by piece and it will surely hurt than if you swallow me whole
it's okay
I'm familiar with the pain, anyway
and every crushing blow of your jaws wounds the inches of my soul
but I can't cry, I can't call for help
because somehow, I liked it
I liked your destructive chews
I liked the thought of being with you wounded and torn,
than be uncut and whole on my own.
  Jan 2018 Florivee
Love scares me.
I like the type of things that are concrete,
like the ocean.
Something you could point to
and know what it was.

But you can’t touch love.
You can’t hold onto it
and make sure it never changes.
Florivee Jan 2018
I want to feel how people who know how to love feel. I want their hearts, the fulfillment when they waited so long for someone who never showed but they just cry. Their hearts always hurt but they don't have the heart to hurt others. They know that everything hurts more at night but they stay up late, anyway. They're in the middle of a war but they don't fight. It's torture, that the hands they hold on to are the hands that waved sideways, fading into untouchable air, telling them goodbye. It's hard, that they think every goodbye deserves another hello.
I don't understand. So i just look up to the sky, wishing, that in my next life, i get to be the one who loves-- the one who doesn't live waiting for someone to love her back.
Florivee Jan 2018
If you can really love someone one day and say straight to their face that you still love them unchanged after you parted ways for many years, what do the people in the middle get? What do the people in between the year you took a break and the year you meet again have left for them?

Oh! A temporary love, right?

The kind of love that you call "less," when you feel you have no other choice and you can't live a day alone so you settled for it.

And when a better option shows up as your old and true love comes back, it is the love that you can easily drop, the love that you easily get tired of, the love that you regret at the end, the love that you take for granted.

And behind that love, are persons-- dropped, regretted, and taken for granted. Right?
Florivee Jan 2018
I like believing people when they say that actions speak louder than words. I heard I miss yous the loudest when you kissed my hands, I love yous deafened me when your lips met mine. I knew I hold the world when my arms wrapped around you and you reciprocated the sweetness that coated us.

I think that's how it works, you show me and I think. I will think what I want it to mean.

After so many wordless but apparent moments that I put wholehearted conviction that are true, you finally showed proof.

I heard a glass breaking when you dropped my hands. I watched your back slowly fading away, and the gusty space between us whispered to me with suddenness, "it's over."

I looked into your eyes, but you looked away.
You mouthed no word, but I clearly heard.
Although I tried to deny,
your silence sounded like goodbye.
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