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Jade Welch Jan 2019
And the devil will paint his words
in the style of a Da Vinci canvas.
Pyrrha Aug 2018
We always talks about putting our broken pieces back together
Or we speak of mending another with tape and glue
Like stitches that won't undo
But putting the pieces back together wont make them new
Why don't we ever think about picking up each others broken parts
And placing them where ours once were
Instead of fixing a puzzle with missing pieces
Why don't we become art
And fill each other with beautiful parts?

All that you find broken about yourself
All that I find rotten within my hollow shell
Are colorful pieces to complete a work of art
If you take some of me and make it beautiful
Then perhaps one day I too could see the beauty I betray
I'll do the same for you as I collect these magnificent additions
To the masterpiece that I make of myself
One day we will become Mona Lisa and The Starry Night
Not only will we be the art we will become the artists
As grand as DaVinci, as unique as Van Gogh
We will fill this world with our broken art
And make others learn that there is beauty in every splintered part
Andrew Minter Feb 2016
The complexity of coupling is an exponential increase.
No matter how perturbed life may be, we strive to linearize it,
thank you Laplace. You transform us.

It is integral to simplify life.
Like Da Vinci, Like Thoreau:
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”
“Our life is frittered away by detail…simplify, simplify”

Let us not differentiate between the good or the bad
                         the high or the low.
Life is too brief to quantify, qualify, and compare it to others.
It is yours alone. Embrace the change over time.
Inspired by a flight dynamics class discussing the highly coupled equations of motion. And the transfer functions to simplify them.
Molly Jan 2015
I have been learning how to die,
have prepared myself at every
intersection or doctor's office,
have been whispering
Good Bye
like last words,
every time.

I have been learning how to be a corpse,
have been rotting from the
inside out,
have been peeling away the decaying flesh
beside my fingernails,
on the inside of my lip,
around the wounds that I know will never get the chance to heal now.

I have been learning how to be a skeleton,
have been leaving empty spaces
between ribs
have been training myself to lie still
in small, dark places.

I have been learning how to be a ghost,
have haunted my own
have found solace
in inhabiting this body
that I claim to belong in,
I have been learning how to regret.
Rod E Kok Oct 2014
I write my words
to paint a picture,
one of hope,
of love.

I’d awaken passion,
if only I could.
We could walk on beaches,
listen to ocean’s roar,
dedicating that moment
to the rest of our lives.

I’d dry your tears,
write your pain,
your suffering
into the depths
of the sea.

My pen draws pictures
of swirling lines,
surrounding us,
holding us close
in each other’s arms.

I pray my inkwell
never runs dry,
my quill flying across
pages of love.

I pray my words
comfort you,
warm you
and fill you
with pictures of us.
Together always.
For today's prompt, we were given a bunch of quotes from different writers / poets / famous people. I chose a line from Leonardo da Vinci. There is so much more I could have written in this piece, but I chose to keep it simple. Please enjoy.

Rod E. Kok
October 14, 2014

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.”
― Leonardo da Vinci
Olivia Burton Oct 2014
Beyond my amber eyes are the windows to my soul.
They think that they can see my soul.
I sit behind a cage
of glass and gold,
wanting to break out.
Explore the cold mountains at my back.
Roam the swirling colors of my dreams.
Wanting my bones to be hollow
so that I can fly away,
Like a bird through a shimmering veil of light
into the heavens beyond this cage.
My eyes follow you everywhere,
they search the nameless faces
behind golden cages.
I know
what you are thinking about me.
"That's her smile?"
Look into my eyes
My soul
Do you see
Am I holding in fallen tears?
I don't even want to be here.
I want to break free,
of this golden prison
like a bird from a cage.
Do you see me now?
Look into my eyes
and see that I have no soul.
A nameless face on a homeless wall,
I am the Lady Lisa.
Inspired by the Mona Lisa, By Leonardo Davinci
AD Mullin Sep 2014
Today’s lesson on the pad

Showing a new guy how to stake grades

So we paced out a grid and pounded in stakes at semi-even intervals

Always picking up where someone else left off

Using their existing grid, we paced ~16 m in Northing (a metre is approximately equal to a yard)

Again, using the existing grid, we paced ~13 m in Easting

Then I asked him to pace out the hypotenuse, it was ~21 m

The grid was for the most part at right angles to each other

To show the new guy how Pythagoras came to his theorem

I scratched a triangle in the crushed aggregate

On the side of the x-plane I scratched 16 m and on the side of the y-plane I scratched 13 m

The diagonal received a 21 m

Out came the notebook

16 squared plus 13 squared = ~21 squared

Using my iPhone calculator

256 plus 169 = ~21 squared
425 = ~21 squared
square root of 425 = ~20.6155281280883 or ~21

Then I grabbed my stick to scratch out a head, body, appendages, and finally a circle encompassing my proto-Vitruvian dude

Never thought work could be this fun!
Written in the stars

Published in High River in the year after the flood
Craig Harrison May 2014
Crafted like a diamond
with the hands of the greats
Van Gough, Da Vinci
put together like Cubism
with the vision of Picasso
A mind like Shakespeare, Dickens
Intelligent like Artificial Intelligence
Envisioned by God
A perfect being
and made into the best, the most perfect person

Made by perfection into perfection
Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it, if you have any questions please ask them and I will try to answer them a.s.a.p.

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Keeley Golden Apr 2014
forget the picasso's
the monet's
the da vinci's
even the van gogh's
you're the most beautiful piece of artwork
that anyone will ever get to feast their eyes upon
and you're right here
sitting alone in my private gallery
and all it took to get this masterpiece
was a few late nights
and endless conversation about things that don't matter to anyone else
and then you were mine

— The End —