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Beinghonest Nov 2016
I am now
starting new chapters
with new
Beinghonest Jun 2016
Please don't make her feel -
what I made her feel.

-just being honest
Beinghonest Jun 2016
If I could
Be with her
Right this instant.
I'd flash her a smile
Grab her hand
Then tell her
In a self-righteous voice:
"You see,
You're fine angel, aren't you?
I'm sorry I messed with your heart like that -
But there's no hard feelings, right?"

If I could
I'd put you in my arms,
And try to make you laugh,
I'd tell you about
All my failed attempts
At picking up girls,
I'll strip myself
Of my dignity:
As long as,
It puts a smile on your face.

But I can't
I just watch you burn up
Into a sad ball of hate and hurt.

I know I can't take your pain away
Because they're your internal demons...
But... I just wish I could
And it's got nothing to do
With my feelings for you:
I've just grown to want
To take care of you.
And the care doesn't want to die.
Sincerely, a very stupid boy

-just being honest
Beinghonest Jun 2016
If he tells you
that he can't say
"I love you" -
It's probably
Because he does.
Well, what I mean is, sometimes I'm afraid to confess... Because I fear that I'll one day go back on this words and I don't want to hurt the person.
(I think that's a form of love on its own, right?)

-just being honest
Beinghonest May 2016
I only realise now
After nearly a thousand poems
That with every poem
I write
I give away a part of me.
I feel weird, sorta naked o_O

-just being honest
Beinghonest May 2016
It's not in the lovely way you speak
Or how you and I just seem to click.
It's not in the way you sing
And how you strum my heart's string.

It's how you make me feel
And fact that you're cuter than a baby seal.
Sometimes, your words kinda melt my heart
And I can't tell the sun and your smile apart.

It's because I want to hold your hand
And your lips are where I want mine to land.
It's 'cause of how you bring me up
When I struggle to overcome a hiccup.

That's why I like you more than a friend...
Because your existence made my fear of girls to end.
I like you a lot... I wish I could tell you I do.
Umm, I want to be more than friends,
I want to show you how much you mean to me... I just don't know how to
-just being honest
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