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moon man Nov 2020
It was only a matter of time
Until the clock runs zero
We've had happy times
But we have also had somber times
Now it is time to prepare the casket
But this is not a time to grieve
This is a time to celebrate the memories we have made
They might be gone
But as long as they are not forgotten
then they will never truly die
memento mori, unus annus
this is a poem about the year long project that markiplier and crankgameplays held to have a different video every day for one year and once the year is up, they delete it all. As i'm typing this there's only four hours and twenty minutes left unti they "die" and i must say, i had fun
Sydneycowboy Nov 2020
Memento Mori

A phrase that really sticks with me
It plays in my head over and over
Sometimes I wish that I could hear it somber

Memento Mori

It reminds me how everyone sees me
The good and the bad. The happy and sad
I always wonder if their words are true

Memento Mori

The phrase that reminds us that death is coming
That the ones I love might leave before me
Sometimes the thought makes me always look forward

Memento Mori

This phrase is one of death
One of life and one of the best
Some say they don't like it and wait in fear
I want to welcome it's whisper in my ear

So when it creeps up on you and those you care for leave
Just remember that they have really just planted a seed
One that will grow into a tree
It will hold all the memories for all to see

It keeps getting closer and closer
And when it reaches just make sure to remember

Memento Mori, Memento Mori
Vale Luna Aug 2020
Time runs faster
When it’s running out
Numbers sprinting towards the end
Only to be faced
With a brick wall
There’s no finish line ahead

There’s no winning
No participation trophy
Just the inevitability of death
Time speeding up still
Pronounced by the chimes
Of the clock your head

Will you make your life’s conclusion
As worthwhile as it’s intro?
Memento mori,
Hurry, my friend
Your time will soon reach zero.
* Latin for “Remember Death”
Zhavaed Haemaed May 2020
No one is making it out of here alive .. Not the obsessive compulsive hand washer who is picky lest he catches a germ no antibiotics can cure;
Not the pious cleric who prays righteously in hope for a safe haven in the next world;
Not the lovers on the  tree tops who are deluged knee deep in a hormonal immortality of old;
Not the millionaire who will do anything to have that transplant only to extend his sufferings in this world !
Not even the hedonistic party animals who have anyway accepted their fate.. No! None of us are making it out of here ..
We will cease to be ! Will be forgotten ! Our innards eaten by worms as we become fodder for the grass that grows on our graves .. Love your fate then .. Cherish this life .. this gift to think .. it wades out in to the ocean where we will all meet .. not as an individual .. but as a collective whole _ a consciousness this Earth has inherited and continue to resculpt '

Amor fati _🌹
Alek Mielnikow Nov 2019
We write prose in
the dead-cold Winter air,
where the old works we
cared for are frozen.

We buried their poets
in the dirt, along with
their bones, beneath
sleet headstones
of inscriptions meant
for the passerby.

Soon Spring’s rain shall
wash the prayers away, and
her warmth will deliver us
from poetry to life.

by Aleksander Mielnikow
(Alek the Poet)
lX0st Feb 2019
Dirt caked crust
Gives way
To layers of mantle
Above afflicted fireplace
Bearing picture frames
Bitter memories
Pride, then regret
Memento mori

I will not die here
Two tiers from hell
I feel it burning
In my core
Patiently waiting
To take me in pity
As I wish it had done
Jwhizzle Apr 2015
Memento Mori
Memento Mori
Love a great story
Everything ends
All is transient

— The End —