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Jaxey Jan 8
l i f e

                                 ­                  to

u n d e r s t a n d

m i s u n d e r s t o o d
Try the understand the misunderstood
Nathalie Dec 2018
I love those days
when it seems
that the trees
are whispering
sweet nothing
in my ears...

I love those colourful
autumn days when
the trees display
their admirable change
welcoming miracles...

Nathalie Dec 2018
Unwavering faith
Sincere devotion
Call with heart
Shared enthusiasm

Nothing can hide
No fears are immune
Instantly transmuted
A soul’s grace

With great love
Follows miracles
A sheer force
Moving things forward

No greater gift
A present delivered
Without strings
Only hugs…

Emily Dec 2018
I woke up thinking about you
In the way the afternoon sun filtered through the clouds
Painting the autumn leaves gold
I looked at the late lavender skies
And saw something magical
When I think of magic and miracles,
I think of you
Nitin Bisht Dec 2018
Waking up today with slimy face,
thoughtless about the future.
Like an idler, I think
my destiny awaits for miracles
For one of them will be HER
whose smile is more beautiful
than my morning dreams.
Tyler Matthew Nov 2018
Bring me your problems,
put 'em in a basket.
I can answer your question
before you even ask it.
I can't walk on water,
I ain't from Galilee,
but baby, just have
a little faith in me.
A small sip won’t sink the ship, no need to walk on water Peter!
Even a dark spot on a light skin is called a beauty spot,
A bottle a day keeps an uncle awake.

My drunk uncle rewrite history in his confused stories
“Moses built the Ark, Jonah ate the fruit, and Eve raised dry bones”

Maker of miracles always have a penny for a bottle
Like he turned the ocean water into wine
He never gets sober.
I believe in writing whatever I feel like and whatever comes to my mind, too often it has revealed how amazing I have experienced most things in life. There is always a light in every darkness.
EP Robles Nov 2018
And in this morning
ice-baked skies
that I be drawn to the
glass-cold window
was a pleasant
albeit utter surprise
To see -- I did!
Across the way
beyond the oak
between the frost
and misty cloak
the Monarch
who flittered by!
The grand vision
-- crystal snow
drifting flakes
against noble color

such a butterfly!
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