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TH  Nov 24
TH Nov 24
We need to burn in fire,
To rise;
We need to drown in oceans,
To breathe;
We need to fall from high,
To fly;
We need to know pain,
To learn love.
Bryan Dahl Jan 2013
Some holding out their hope
Others giving up their dead,
Some believing miracles,
More prefering risk-free will.
Some expecting disappointment
Find regret instead,
Some wait for Luck's return
In broken pieces, still.
Some in line against the wall
Wait with vacant eyes,
Some with kids who won't shut up
Just look down and sigh,
Far too many end their days
The way we first arrive.
Dead hopes and broken miracles,
Our televisions thrive.
I came to liberate lions from dungeons
I came to share and not stare at you
I came to actualize powers within me
I intend to distribute resources equally
I came to reiterate that all beings are beautiful
I came to make an impact like mountains do
I came to create music with my attitude
I intend that symphonies surround me with their melodies
I intend that children feel safe to open up to me
I came to empower dancers in perpetual motion
I intend to be a witness to the miracles of life’s radiance
I came to scream love songs into forests
I came to hear my own voice echoed by hollow caverns
I intend to create portals that we can travel through
I came to bring back the aurora borealis at all latitudes
He creates miracles
And I don't know how to handle it.
I want to show him off,
But he is not mine to share.
A rare, crafted magic
Flows forth from his clever hands
Turning the world around him
Into banks to hold rivers of the stuff.
I am not the only one stymied and awed.
How then, am I alone,
With my strongly beating heart
Watching as he creates miracles?
Tyler Matthew Nov 18
Bring me your problems,
put 'em in a basket.
I can answer your question
before you even ask it.
I can't walk on water,
I ain't from Galilee,
but baby, just have
a little faith in me.
Mellow waves Aug 1
Miracles do happen everyday...
Every moment, every breath you take,
Is truly a miracle

In the same hospital,
The exact moment you hear the heart rate monitor giving its final beeps on the first floor,
You hear the shrieking of a new born on the fourth floor,

The sadness and grief on one family’s face,
Hope and delight on the other’s,
Prove that life and death are truly intertwined,

They are a cycle,
They complete each other
It’s really a miracle.

A miracle visible to the ***** eye,
A miracle that makes life worthwhile.
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