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Simba  Oct 2019
Simba Oct 2019
I believe in miracles. 
This is what I have to say.
He did roll that stone away.
Out the door came Daniel that day.
Not to Believe In His
mysterious ways!
It's like fishing in a Stream
without a hook.
No one knows you better
then He.
For in his eyes we are
an open book.
To hear what He
has to say!
We need to stop to listen.
That's all it takes.
For the man above he
sets the stakes!
For our success and our mistakes.
Not to be judged
by others.
That's for him
to do.
For when that time
for God to come.
To take home
Me and You.

Jaxey  Jan 2019
Jaxey Jan 2019
l i f e

                                 ­                  to

u n d e r s t a n d

m i s u n d e r s t o o d
Try the understand the misunderstood
Nathalie Feb 2019
She looked at her words
as they spawned across
the pages...she knew that
the emotions that came
flooding through were
the ones that
contained the wisdom
of her heart...simple
seeds blossoming into
their own fruits,
producing lasting
results of everlasting
love...her faith was
strong and she stood
calmly in witness of
growing miracles,
the unfolding of
a birth; new awareness.

Bryan Dahl Jan 2013
Some holding out their hope
Others giving up their dead,
Some believing miracles,
More prefering risk-free will.
Some expecting disappointment
Find regret instead,
Some wait for Luck's return
In broken pieces, still.
Some in line against the wall
Wait with vacant eyes,
Some with kids who won't shut up
Just look down and sigh,
Far too many end their days
The way we first arrive.
Dead hopes and broken miracles,
Our televisions thrive.
jeffrey conyers Aug 2019
Ron, Bobby and Warren, you get long in history.
But through words of various songs known.
Your image will forever be known.

Even Claudette seems to get mention more.
Then true to life, she was the subject of many songs.

From more love to my girl she forever will be known.
But the miracles stand out in all your songs.

Sure Smokey could have written them without you.
Except a group becomes known for the many things they do.
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