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TyeniWrites Jun 2020
We were all just blank canvases
And God is the painter
He painted us
Each one a different shade of beautiful
The world is like an art gallery
Because we are all art
Bhill Feb 2020
Of course, masterpieces of the mind, require sensationalism
Returning to the womb to re-visit the beginning
This journey is one extraordinarily odd voyage
Can it be achieved

Brian Hill - 2020 # 33
Take yourself back to the beginning.
Start fresh...
Star BG Jun 2019
A soul pens stories...
Some in written form,
Some etched in heart.
All become masterpieces
in journey towards enlightenment.
inspired by Ben Noah Suri A gifted poet Thanks
Megan Jul 2017
Some people deserve
To have poems written about them
Songs composed
Sketches drawn
Novels made
All about them
All that type of stuff
Should come into existence
Also I've realised
Most things
Labelled "You"
Just happen to be masterpieces.
Because "You", whoever you are
Are the reason
For people to create
Something absolutely
That's kind of a wonderful way
To think about it
Isn't it?
You never know what you inspired someone to create.
Lady Bird Feb 2017
sometimes my words can hit so instantly
that just the way that  they flow from me
powered by imagination is the best to be
its at my fingertips and its my magic key
I put my heart and soul in my creativity
making masterpieces throughout my poetry
What worlds of wonders are our books
As one opens them and looks,
new ideas and people rise
In our fancies and our eyes
The room we sit in melts away,
And we find ourselves at play
With someone who before the end,
May become our chosen friend
We sail along the page
To some other land or age.
Here is our body in the chair
But our mind is over there.
Each book is a magic box
Which with a touch
A child unlocks.
In between their outside cover
Books held all things, for their lover


ገልፆ ለሚያያቸው
መሕፍት ምንኛ
ድንቅ ዓለሞች ናቸው፣
በምናባችን በዓይኖቻችን ማእዘን
ይከስታሉ አዳዲስ ሓሳቦች፣
እንዲሁም ልዩ ልዩ ሰዎች!
የተቀመጥንበት ክፍል ድንገት
ጅረት ይሆንና
ይዞን ሲነጉድ
እስከጥግ ሳንዘልቅ ገና
እንተዋወቃለን ሠዎች ደና
የሚያደርጉን ዘና፣
ምናልባትም ለዘልቄታው
የሚሆኑን የኛ
ምርጥ ጓደኛ!
አሊያም ገጾቹን ቀዝፈን
ራሳቸንን ናገኛለን
ወደሌላ ያለም ማዘን
ወይ ዘመን ተጓጉዘን
‘ዚህ ወንበር ላይ
በአካል ተቀምጠን
በምናብ ተሻግረን ዛነን፡፡

‘ያንዳንዱ መፅፍ
የድንቃድንቅ ማህደር ነው
‘ያንዳንዱ ህፃን ይዞ
ሚከፍተው ቁልፉን ጠምዞ፡፡
አጥብቆ ለሚሻቸው
በውጪ ልባሶቻቸው
መፃሕፍት ሸክፈዋል
ሁሉን አቅፈው!
(ኢሌኖር ፍራጂዮን) //
Yes it with wings of books we navigate ages and places
Garbage Dog Nov 2015
When I met you, I was a draft.
An artwork to never be complete.
My eyes of charcoal
My veins of graphite
No color flowed through me for I was

You opened up to me
You redesigned my thoughts.
Your paintbrush stroked a bright blush onto my cheeks
You turned me into
Bright pastels
With glorious indigos
Overwhelming scarlets
And mysterious lavenders.

You kissed me in a backdrop of
Forest greens.
You created scenery for
Every emotion,
Dressed me with rainbows,
And completed my blank spaces.
You turned me into a masterpiece.
But before you could sign your
Glorious painting
You realized
You could do better pieces
And pastel was over rated anyways.
Alan S Bailey Feb 2015
In the early morning we knelt down,
And in the cool damp kindergarten classroom air,
The whole place bustled with so much sound
As all the children gathered there.
It was then the birds flew in and out
Between the bushes, through small holes,
During days we learned what their music was about
When we sang and laughed with giddy souls.
In the end we'd pronounce our letters dot our i's
And in the afternoon paint while warmed by the sun,
The golden birds one by one flew by,
And in the end our masterpieces were done.
I would come back with brightly cheerful eyes
Each step I'd take up the driveway so joyful, home.
I made a painting in class that day, it got 1st prize,
It was a painting of a sun and birds of my own.

— The End —