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8M Aug 2019
Have you seen a young girl,
By the name of Octavia?
Intertwined with shadows,
Of playful voices of madness

Do you remember,
When everyone forgot her?
And she was left to wilt
Like a flower in the snow

Do you remember,
When she stopped being scared?
As the madness and hysteria became no different
In the eyes of lost Octavia

Do you remember,
The eldritch one who's Octavia?
That unsettling childishness of the maddened girl
Lingered in her parents' hearts

Have you seen a young girl,
By the name of Octavia?
She's running the corner store, smiling so sweetly
With a torn book in her hand...

and a sharp blade
A continuation of a previous poem. Read that one to understand.
8M Aug 2019
The twilight sky gives off feelings, of...
Amor, is that the word?
Regardless, a feeling lingers in my heart
And I don't know what to call it

and everything in between

For him,
My sweet son of yore,
The knight that would do anything for the safety of mine
And for his kingdom too,
I shall sing this twilit lullaby.

A blanket on your body,
A pillow to rest your head,
And a book to read the stories
Of love, fear, and dread.

And when you fall asleep,
It's when the madness begins to resound.

Your mother, your guardian, your angel
Like a golden goddess, with her sword,
To cut away the fear.

She, too, shall sing this twilit lullaby,
And with her sword, shall vanquish the madness and fear.
Part 2 of my trilogy. There's also a reference to one of my older poems.
8M Aug 2019
Another night, another period in solitude
At least, that's what I think
Everyone's asleep, counting the stars in their dreams
But the stars I count are all real

Silver mane, eyes of rubies
You seemed to have came out of a painting
And a heart not of stone, but of gold
That cared for every being I could think of

She caught me in her web, but she meant no ill will
That woman was proof kind spiders could exist
If only she could've stayed forever, with me
If only...

However, it wasn't meant to last
The battles threatened the safety of her
I promised I would protect her 'till the end of my days
Alas, it wasn't enough

A single slash, and you fell
A sobbing screech sadly cut short
Laying on the ground, you rubies fading
My loved, fading away

And now I bask in the eternal night
Writing this moonlit requiem
For no one in particular.
8M Aug 2019
Cinders and ashes cover the ground
Mama and papa nowhere to be found
I scream out loud; no, there's no sound
Oh where, oh where, could they be

Mama and papa nowhere to be found
Could they be singing my lullaby
Oh where, oh where, could they be
Please, cry out that old melody

Could they be singing my lullaby
I shant go far from the truth
Please, cry out that old melody
The song that reminds me of you

I shant go far from the truth
I know they'll be sleeping with stars
The song that reminds me of you
That one last tune from afar
Another day, another pantoum.
8M Aug 2019
Every day, you look at the sunset.
It's the end of a day, and a beginning of a night.
A cold, lonely night.
Yet you hate lonely, cold things.

So why is it, that you enjoy looking at the thing that starts what you hate the most?
Back again.
8M Jan 2019
I look at the old shop
It only closed a few days ago
I remembered it by name
And the people that worked there
Their names were Jane and Harold
A couple who started the business on their honeymoon
A simple store, selling simple things
Coats, towels, brooms
And yet I always came
So they could be happy

However, money was tight
Few customers ever came
The two grew worried
They couldn't keep up, but they tried to
Sold all their belongings, just so they could be happy
Jane was infertile, but she knew the shop was her baby
When she cried, Harold cried
And eventually, they let go

I walked to the empty storefront
Sometimes I could see the two smiling
I'm sorry about my absence.
8M Dec 2018
The diner has lots of shakes
Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
But none of them have the power
To cure my broken heart
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