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V C Vaughn Aug 15
Your image dances through my mind, smothering my thoughts,
And teasing me with memories.

Your love fills my heart ,
and dances through my veins,
warming my body and sparking my soul.
I want you at the most inappropriate times.
In ways that may surprise you.
As often as possible.

All because of a kiss.
V C Vaughn Jul 20
I dance to my own music,
beat my own drum,
slay my own dragons,
I’ve been called a pioneer,
a savage,
a witch, and *****.
I’m okay with that.
I’m safe in the knowledge
that I’m true to myself.
I chose my path and, it suites me.
I’ve forged rivers
climbed mountains
to be who I am.
A woman perfectly flawed
permanently, wild.
#truetoyourself #wild #mypath
V C Vaughn Jul 19
I am a chooser.
I choose to live wild.
I choose to be happy.
I choose to live in peace.
I choose kindness.
I choose empathy.
I choose understanding.
I choose motherhood.
I choose laughter.
I choose love.
Everyday I choose.
I don’t just let it happen.
I choose.
I’m a chooser.
V C Vaughn Jul 19
I love storms.
The promise, of thunder.
The possibility, of lighting.
The sound of rain on a tin roof.
The rush of the river.
The music the rain makes as it dances in puddles
In an attempt, to lure us out to play,
The sound of the wind in the trees,
There is no symphony greater,
No music invokes such emotion.
Sadness happiness all rolled into one sound.
The Allegra and Crescendo of the rain.
The flute sound of the wind as it whistles through the trees.
The bass sound as the river rushes the banks
The storm menu always the same
Fresh bread and soup.
The smell of bread baking and simmering soup,
mixed with the scent of smoke
and crackle of the fire
set a mood.
Curling up on the couch with a good book
and three fingers of whiskey.
Lost in the music of the storm,
the warmth of the fire,
the scents of fresh bread and simmering soup.
They create an atmosphere, of
peace and contentment.
Oh, how I love a good Storm.
V C Vaughn Jul 19
I never really appreciated the women who went before me.
I have always been surrounded by strong, beautiful, and courageous women.
Never understanding the sacrifices, they made to be who they were.
They were and are Warrior’s.
Women rights activist, labor organizers, Lawyers, Judges, Senators, librarians, teachers,
church ladies, pagans, witches, and *******.
I have learned from them all.
What you ask do these women have in common.
They all dared to be different.
Dared to be true to whom they were created to be.
To challenge convention.
To not only walk to a different drummer,
But to beat their own **** Drum.
I beat my own drum, dance to my own music.
slay my own dragons.
And owe it all the those who went before me.
The Warriors and Devine Women who made the choice
to be
Warriors not Victims.
And taught me the choice was mine and that my choice will define how I face each day.
Warrior or Victim
#women #strong # warrior #self esteem
V C Vaughn Jul 16
I’ve come to believe
that wild is my favorite color,
my favorite song,
my favorite look.
I will no longer tap myself down,
conform to the constrains of polite society.
For in reality society is not polite.
It seeks
to control and tame wild in all things.
I will not be tamed.
V C Vaughn Jun 18
You don’t know me but,
You should never judge a book by Its cover.
You tried to take me down, and I fooled you.
You thought I was weak but I’m stronger than I look.
You thought, she’s just an old woman with no fight left.
Fooled you again, I’m fierce, time tested, and battle scared.
You see an old woman.
But I’m a warrior, who knows how to fight, *****.
You only see, what I let you see.
You know nothing of the uneasy truce I have with my demons.
Fooled you again.
See when the demons descend, they bring pizza and we party.
You don’t see me dancing with them.
You don’t see kiss them good night,
And then send them on their way.
You think I’m weak,
I’m a warrior.
I fight to the bitter end.
You ought to know.
The best stories are old classics.
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