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Pure of Stars Mar 2019
everywhere we go it’s numbers that control us
the number in our bank account
the number on our test
the number on our scale
everywhere we go we let that number decide for us
the number of likes
our number of friends
why should a number decided if we’re happy?
Sonia Ettyang Feb 2019
Back and forth we've made rounds with this unrequited love. Shifting blames while stroking egos. I think it's time we let this go before we drive each other out of our heads.
© Sonia Ettyang  
November 2018
Wrote this while listening to (Hooverphonic- mad about you orchestra)
Katie U Sep 2018
Last week, if I were flooring, I would be carpet.

Like in the way of,
how easy it is to get stained.
how hard it is to clean once it is.
how it just never seems to quite "fit" with the rest of the interior,
"especially not in this house".

But mainly it's in the way of how it is walked on.
Their feet drag through it,
causing the slow damage,
with little care for something that requires such high of maintenance.

Depression is like a carpet.
I know why people rip it up now.

I envy those who can.
Nobody's Jul 2015
Some nights
I lay awake for hours
Thinking of you.
. . .
Some nights
I fall asleep quickly
Dreaming of you.

— The End —