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Tizzop Nov 2019
i believe you:
you love me

i know you're  
by my side

our lives were
pieces of puzzles

until we came.

we got together
we came together

during a dance
during the dancing
you remember?

on a friday
in august
between the lights of shadows
between the shadows of the sun
glitz between our lipps

connected by scent and greed

mouths and ammunition
ammunition and mouths

on a friday in august i
believed you were with me

i believed you
Ariel Apr 2019
The worst part is, you feel like something I need
And not just someone I want.
You feel like more than a desire
More than an object of lust
More than I deserve...
But I can’t shake what I feel for you.

You feel like something I need, it’s unexplainable
I can’t get you out of my head
You’re more than just a want
You’re everything and more
And you feel like something I need.

I don’t just want you in one way
I want us to live together,
To sleep together,
To breathe together,
To simply be together—
Everything about you is intoxicating,
I just want to be set free.

If I could stop feeling
If you didn’t make me feel some type of way
I would be happier, more whole, and I could actually mean what I say.
I don’t want to want you
I don’t want to need you
And yet here I am, nonetheless, feeling some type of way.
It’s more than want, and it’s killing me a little more every day.
Whoo boy this is not a great feeling, is it?
Ariel Apr 2019
How strange this is to me
A feeling that is completely new
I don't know how to exist, now, without you.
This odd intuition, knowing that I'm incomplete
I'm "not all there"--
I'm not well.

They say I'm psychotic
Well, hell, maybe I'm just bitter
I'm a cynic, I'll admit it
But am I psychotic?
How would I tell?
I don't always feel crazy
Sometimes just a little
Maybe if you show up with a new hickey on your neck, when I’ve been nowhere near you

Maybe I’m insane
I think I might be psychotic
I’m letting my lips touch another that isn’t you
He doesn’t have any red flags, he’s perfectly fine
But despite all of his positive traits,
He isn’t you.
Maybe I really am psychotic
Letting myself use this boy when my thoughts are on you
He’s genuine and kind, but unlike you, he can’t read my mind.

I feel genuinely psychotic
I can’t get you out of my mind
Others whisper “obsession” but it’s not even close
I keep my distance like you asked, I’m not a fool.
I hate what you do to me, and I hate what I do to him
I type sweet nothings, with a few dark things in between
Blood in the ledger, will it ever come clean?

I think I really am psychotic, trying to give myself to him when I know I cannot
Despite how many times I’ve been wronged by others, the only thing I want is you.
He doesn’t deserve this, it’s so ******* dumb
I’m using him and it’s making me numb
I should just tell him I’m done
But I don’t know if I want to be alone.
The worst is that I do, but I don’t.
I wish I didn’t have to deal with the doubt when he’s not around, because as soon as he isn’t, all I can see is you.

When I’m with him, it’s great
We click pretty easily
He’s a little naive, but he’s young and has a big heart
Yet I feel so psychotic
He’s so sweet and asks along the way
Why does it feel so psychotic?
I coo and say I’m having the time of my life
I hate that in my head, I feel like I’m just spewing lies.
Because, after all, it’s you that I think of late at night.
So, call me psychotic for wanting what I can’t have.
**** me for being a liar,
Hurt me and atone my sins,
Crucify me and bleed me dry—
But don’t once say that I never loved you.
You were the only one I did.
Ariel Apr 2019
I feel like I’m swimming in darkness,
Unable to find the light.
Nothing is as it seems.
I yearn for you, I churn for you, but is it the same?
I must be going insane.
Why do I question every little thing?
Why do I doubt your ways?
I simply want you to want me, I guess I’m tired of playing these games
I hate losing at this mental chess
Especially when I know I’m simply playing against myself.
You’re not my enemy.
And yet, out of all the things I wish I could forget,
You will never be on that list, love—
To forget you is to die a slow death.
Arima Mar 2018
I await
winter's wind
whisking me
the vice,
called your love
Arima Mar 2018
Sometimes it's as if
your name
never broke my tongue.
Other times, I sit
and stare
upon my splintered mouth.
More poetry!
Arima Mar 2018
Out of all the forgotten
loves and failures
my uninhabitable heart
still creaks
in hopes that you
cut the weeds
fix the windows
and turn this ruin
into your home
Hey guys, I'm new here, hope you'll enjoy my work.
Brandon Hall Jul 2016
Does the kept dog howl at the moon,
or does the stray?
I am astray from you,
and my moon is bluegreen and shines like forgiveness when you smile.
The vagrant hound remembers when he was a wolf;
I remember when I wasn’t.
Like him, I eat and sleep and ****
beneath even my own notice. Like him,
I remember every night of comfort and
every kick, and am confused when I find both in the same doorway.
I wasn’t a cur until you called me one – does that count?
When the rains come, I think of your
soft golden warmth, these mongrel legs start to pull me back – don’t
let me in unless you mean to keep me – and my howl is
sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry and I
don’t know which of us I hate.
Purple Rain Feb 2016
Killing me softly;
his heart;
Killing me softly;
from the start.
Nothing can trap me in the dark;
Though his wicked words pull me back in;
time an time again.
For he is the darkness;
And I forgiven him for all his sins,
Even though he breaks my aching heart;
From him time an time,
His rhyming notes manoeuvre me in;
With every single line.

He is forgiven;
For breaking my walls of steel,
Sometimes thinking about him;
makes my heart feel ill.
It doesn't matter that darkness captures the light.
lovesickness couldn't get any worse;
but It just might.
©2016 Isabella Proe
April Miller Apr 2015
You change, I'll change.
You say you love me, I say I love you.
You smile, I'll smile.
You break my heart, I'll never forget.
you leave me, I'll wait till you come back.
You're my addiction, I'll be obsessed.
Stay with me forever, or I may never rest.
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