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Afiqah Jan 2018
I may have learned love
and wrote of them
through many of these faces of hell before
yet they
still remain sane
and completely right
when it finally decides to settle
and recognizes only you instead

Afiqah Dec 2017
the damnest part
of it all
was how wicked
the truth had to fall tragically
and we’re left to learn
to carry life’s sting
conditioning our souls to quit holding on
to the devilish thread

Afiqah Oct 2017
I fear for my own becoming
other times,
I just simply enjoy
sitting before my demons
as I wear my skin slightly thicker
just being
under their lamps
full of all their ugly reckonings

Afiqah Oct 2017
I never knew much until
I caught that sneaky glimpse
of yours in between
that my nerves stood all shy and shaky
and I never knew, too
until these hands felt like it knew you
and every breaking thing I’ve ever felt
found its perfect warmth when
they finally get a chance
to hold onto yours

Afiqah Oct 2017
since when
did matters like this
commit to lay itself out
into such pettiness
that everyone now seems so good
at pinning and sealing their masks on?
why are we living with
too many of these mortal parts
when a heart could only
beat for one ******* soul?

Afiqah Sep 2017
all the hours inhaled
caught up most by the harshest truth
still sits and borrows
some of our nights
and they behave so fractiously
even the emptiest space
in our vessels were filled
by films and rolls of this sick predicament
we were all poorly dug into

Afiqah Sep 2017
let's stay trapped into
one another's skin and watch
all our broken parts grow
and when that magic happens,
let's wear out
our best of hearts
and leave the world with such wonders
at how gloriously the moon
has left us serenading our souls
to all of our favorite euphonical, golden nights

Afiqah Sep 2017
I can only vividly recognize
most beginnings
when our hearts were closely etched
in between each and every of our pulses
just like the familiar, awakening smell
of rich, brewed coffee
you’ve always stirringly warmed
my unpretty soul to
and I still find myself pining
to settle for more
of mornings like that with you

Afiqah Sep 2017
some days I wear love,
and only love
but darling,
just keep holding me still,
will you?
remember how I keep all my flaws
pressed on like petals on the underside
of these old, thin, worn-out pages,
even when I’m gone
and I could no longer hide them,
I hope you’ll forgive every bit of it all
for I honestly can’t lie
when they’re still only so good
in finding its love all the way back to you

Afiqah Sep 2017
our hearts
seems like the heaviest burden
but without it
we’re just engulfed with skin and bones
and this constant internal chaos
we’ve distractedly learned to live with
will strain a little too chaotically
let it be filled,
be ******* afraid but wild about it
and leave shelter
for those who’ve nursed
having held on all that’s worthy for you
every throb means a little something

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