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A lot more has to
be done, when moon
hangs out at the window.

Observing what
was, unknown as if
becoming feral
looking through the black hole.

Dreams were bizarre stones, on
your poor fingers
making palm rich.

Prudery and anguish
will not go together,
when predatory wants a mercy ****.

Leave some afterwords
before the Apocalypse.
Nobody was walking back home.

You can invite the
asteroid to hit the earth.
Disintegrating, sinking, evaporating
dissipating into the ether

This is not mine, nothing is, nothing ever was
I am a multi-cellular organism riding a soul
through liquid, gas, space, vibrations

I am everything, and I am nothing

We give it a name, a place to sleep, to eat,
A job it can do to occupy its nervous brain

We tell it to be happy, to be stoic and fearless
though it trips and falls trying to contemplate
the universe, the reasons for life and death

Fit in, stand out, go gently, go boldly

Revering a colourful existence, yet we hold
it in our hands uncomfortably like old putty

Week follows week yet there are no weeks

Every soul wants to be remembered but
the wheel still spins frenetically, unaware

It was said that to be remembered,
to change the world, one has to be
incredibly righteous or incredibly evil

We languish, exhausted, not sure if that
courage or reserve of energy exists within us
The exhausting waves of existential dread
Hey perfectionism you sneaky little ******
I see you kneeling in wait,
excited by my inaction

Thanks for tying me to the bed before the test
- you smiled and slapped me,
as if starting a daily game of tag

You are so **** cute,
I can never resist

My own ******* red diamond,
so elusive and appealing,
so unattainable

I hate you, I love you

Drawing in like *******, fingers bruising
in a seductive dance of animalistic desire
Hit after hit after hit after hit
And not a single glass of water
Of reprieve,
And now a hangover of failure, disappointment

Stop! I see you creeping up my leg,
a broken record of whispers
never ceasing to tell me all that could be

My body told me she hates you,
she wants you out of her bed
her reflection
her intellect

Beautiful ******* never last
and you and I are in the past.
Return of the Bernie Mac
Brother from the same mother
Residents of the same **** room
My brovary from one of two ovaries
Cutest feotus post ******
Sickest parasitic eukaryote

Home to the famous back-flip and boo-boo
Door traps and locks and a bunk bed for two

"No light!" he crieth
"Draw thine blinds and trim thy wicks
and be gone from thine kitchen, mother!"

Glass marbles, guitars, hockey and Milo
April fool's, icing sugar, fights on orange lino
The day's we'd spend training for school sport
Tennis matches over power lines in Rosemary court
Being your spotter to our poor unsuspecting grocer
Onward to pure lolly *******- more and more closer

Every show-bag item meticulously counted
Every trampoline session perfectly dismounted

McDonald's lunch strategies
Roof climbing casualties
Power Ranger fantasies
(I hated being the pink Power Ranger by the way)
Sunday School formalities
Guinea pig fatalities

Fake rubber spiders
Sacred nightly quattro's
High jump practice
Commander Keen and Cosmo

You were my best friend and ****-yielding foe
Mario Kart master with an obsession with big toes

Now this is the serious part
Because I know I don't tell you enough,
But I miss our adventures so much
even though we fought a lot, and stuff.

Now you're a dad to two beautiful little souls
With a best friend for a wife,
In the prime of your life.

But you'll always be my brother.
In the light of beguiling muse,
   darkness knows no realms!
   What have my dreams become of me?
      corners still overwhelmed!

Shadows sleep;
   sunshine awaits ... a torrid heat,
      a careless receipt!

In the sight of a beguiling muse,
   handshakes know no stakes!
   What have my hopes become of me?
      morales, I now forsake!

Pastures weep;
   trophies arise ... a scorched release,
      a wordless fleece!

In the heart of a beguiling muse,
   malice knows no time!
   What will her mind now wonder of me?
      mirrors will never define!
Compete never

Never worth that fight

Fight only for innocence

Innocence runs through you

You are alive

Alive, but not awake

Awake the dormant innocence

Innocence that runs through you

You fight only to compete

Compete never
And after all my vacant musings
And energy wasted in worry
I sit here, sorry.

For but a while I lay silent in my bath
Drowning in evaporating thoughts
Lamenting my stories.

He lets me ponder, flail, indulge my mind
And fill my soul with sand
On my self-made dry land.

Until a feather lays at my feet alone
And my little ones say my name
I suddenly understand.

The rays of sun wrap me in their love
And my stubborn perception is severed
Life opens, unfettered.

And after all my vacant musings
My weathered, jaded body
Returns again and remembers

Simple beauty,  
Simple acts,
Simple words,
Pure love is simple.
Put down the pizza
Put down your phone
You're now in Pisa
You're now in Rome

Blink once,  blink twice
Use your imagination
Secret agent in disguise
In Grand Central Station

You don't need to drink
To pretend you're free
Take your coat of mink
And ruminate with Dali

Put down your pen
Put down your fears
You are a hundred unique women
Separated only by years
The weekend passes
The ceremony closes
The holiday of last
The love fades after only 3 years
When they both take off their masks

Some have love an inherent trait
An addiction,  a twitch,  possessed
For the life of them they cannot stop
Until they find one to invest

Others were never shown, untaught, alone
They take, they siphon love blind
Unaware of the gaping hole
Bloodied wounds,  utter destruction
They've left behind

Though as the years pass
The tear closes
The healing at last
Our scars are now our armour
Why so dark?
Why so heavy, so weak?
Why dig a shallow grave every day
And tell yourself you're free?

Tell me who will forever save you
From the oppressor in your head?
Will it fix itself in a dress of white
Dissipating the day you wed?

The weather-beaten amusement park
With its broken globes of rust
Lay abandoned in your head at night
Because there's noone you can trust

Why so reclusive?
Why so desperate to escape?
Its obvious that it's not society,
But yourself you love to hate
A note to my younger self
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