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Zywa Mar 20
In our character,

our convictions make imprints --

of unfree conduct.
Against the Epistle to the Ephesians 1:13-14

Character = Imprint

Collection "Imprints Masks"
Angel'Lea Mar 2019
Natural filters
Sunshine and heat waves
Sweat caressing my face
Body reposed upon the sand
Waves kissing my toes
Sun tickling my cheeks
Hugging the warmth of the sun
Birds whispering God’s graces
The wind carrying promises of his mercy
My hair free of gravity’s reign
My strands exchanging words with the breeze
My arms resting weightless
My eye lids submissive to the sun’s rays
My heart syncing to Earth’s rhythm
With every beat I become more connected
My ears deafened to the horrors of your attacks
Only nature’s symphonies whistle through
Forgive my ignorance of your position
I am no longer mentally bound to you
Forgive me for my numbness to your anger
I no longer relinquish energy in this space
I have escaped the torment of this chamber
I have nestled upon the peace in my happy place

— The End —