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Why did they make us believe it was bad? That we were "criminals" for how we felt?
for the feelings he could not control.
So why
did my parents keep quiet when the topic came around.
Did they believe the same?
That we were monsters in need of curing?
Why did my own parents make me feel othered. Please, please never do this to your children.
If  I die it was always -----. I'd chose her til the day I die. I wish she were a boy. So we could do it right.
Jan 9, 2022 3:03am
What I wrote in my notes the night I blacked out, she was the last thought on my mind.
I have to think of you as a memory. Neither a happy nor sad one, just a memory. When we meet again it will be like seeing an old friend or lover, a distant memory of the time once shared.
Feb 5, 2022
I hope it felt weird when he touched you,
and it didn't feel like me.
When he stroked your cheek,
and his hands weren't soft like mine.
I want to be remembered,
in every kiss you receive,
in every touch.
He's not worthy to be loved by you,
no one is.
How could he have won your heart so fast I wonder?
So quick you are,
to want love again.
It will take me a lifetime of forcing myself to forget you.
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