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Niki Gray Mar 26
guts required
sweat,blood and tears
racing heart masking fear.
Relentless desire to be the best me,
leave a legacy of resiliency.
Enjoy, thank you for reading.  Shout out to everyone I care about.  Stay healthy.
She looked out the window
And saw the moon widow
It was left abandoned
By the sun she loved

The girl’s tearful smile grew
You could see she was blue
But like the moon, she hid
And only came out at night

She and the moon share sorrow
Their tears are both borrowed
Because they were discarded
By the person who stole their heart
The moon is so beautiful, isn’t she? But she’s obviously alone. I feel bad for her the same. Because I share the same fate.
Ellie Grace Mar 6
I could not outrun my name

nor the expectations that came with it.

You wore it as a badge

I wore it as a curse.
Melancholy floats in the air
It fills it with suspense
As I pass you and dissemble
In style of debonair

Before, I prognosticated
I predicted what was to come
Now those memories I reiterate,
Unable to continue forward

Was I truly mendacious?
Hidden behind a false identity?
With no chance of harmony,
We can’t repeat goodbyes

But if you’d listen to me
I promise to influence
Facts that only have one side
To be more than meets the eye
Jeez, she’s so stubborn! Why won’t she pay attention? It’s the only way to understand, there’s more than black and white!
I spent the day looking at you poems
It was the only time you were honest
I do the same thing, I’m no different
I just wish I could see everything previous

Before this time and misunderstanding
When you could listen
And not jump the gun
But then your smile starts fading

I know I’m losing my opportunities
But I don’t know what to do
I’m stressing out, looking for fixes
But you still hate me, don’t you?
Now instead of studying, I study her poems. I’m noticing so many details. I wish I could ask her want she meant, but I could never attempt that.
Don’t think I didn’t know
I read them even now
Those poems you leave
Of your adolescence

Behind my back you talked
With those flowing words
And those perfect rhymes
About me and my schemes

You painted me as unforgivable
You called me manipulative
You said that I make people fall in love
And then break them out of the blue

I loved you so **** much
To the point walls felt my punch
You don’t know what I felt
You don’t know my heart

I’m sorry that I hurt you
But everything I ever did,
I did it all for you
She posts poems on here too... she’s the reason I even know about this site. I would count her views and cheer her on. I seemed to have passed the poem that would leave me feeling dead
'How did she die?'

They always asked that.

It annoyed me.

Once, I might have asked it too.

Now I realise

The question should be:

'How did she live her life?'

And the answer...

She lived it without fear
Willow SR Feb 26
Your life
Lives on through me
Every moment of the day
For when I'm asked
"What makes life worth living"
It's always you
That I'll say
We miss you ♡
My skin crawls
My heart aches
My mind starts longing
Yet I feel like nothing
The thoughts surround
They leave me pained
I’m thrusted against
My own regret
With no chance
None I’ll ever acquire
To find that escapism
That I see in that dream
I hate school
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