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Ronza Jairy Apr 29
Hey, are you out there?
Thinking of me while I dream
Of you existing
Ronza Jairy Apr 28
Music penetrates
captures, calibrates the truth
it flows right through you
Ronza Jairy Apr 28
How songs can take you
back to the beginning of love
then drop you right off
Ronza Jairy Mar 29
Confront our past
this time it’s just natures way
of telling us to
Ronza Jairy Mar 29
I have had enough
Of feeling Im not enough
You dont deserve me
Ronza Jairy Mar 15
All unfelt feelings
Will manifest in your life
Know when to release
Tip your teapot. Stay light
Ronza Jairy Feb 20
I am stuck on a
mountain made of all the words
I have left unsaid
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