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Ronza Jairy Jun 2022
Sooner we realize
We deserve a better life
We can manifest
Ronza Jairy Mar 2022
You are so worthy
Of being showered with love
Made of your honour
Ronza Jairy Jan 2022
Was wrong all along
Drinking is a punishment
Not a true reward
Ronza Jairy Mar 2021
I was innocent
how you destroy my youth
karma's coming
Ronza Jairy Mar 2021
It hits different
when you earn what you wanted...
purpose multiplies
Ronza Jairy Dec 2020
We feel it creeping
cloudy grey days here to stay
fleeting summer flu
Ronza Jairy Dec 2020
We home a flame

           ( )
          (   )
         (     )

   it is our duty

to softly protect it.
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