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Ronza Jairy May 6
I am torn
Ripped apart
Fragments of regret pile
Cherished memories make it harder
To let go of years shared as one
I want to carry on
Make the most of life without you
I chose this path without you
And yet I cling to distant highlights of our lovereel
How brillant and sabotaging that our brain only recalls the good after the darkness has lifted
Ronza Jairy Apr 29
We are made of stars
Divine everlasting light
Gifts of existence
Ronza Jairy Apr 22
Life is so much more

Than mourning what has been done

free up your regret
Ronza Jairy Apr 22
Nature teaches us
The clouds need to cry their weight
for future rainbows
Ronza Jairy Apr 22
You break your own heart
Everytime you don’t listen
to your gut and soul
Ronza Jairy Apr 18
First, endure the pain
Dissect then digest it whole
Stop wearing it out
Ronza Jairy Apr 17
A mental wrestle
Thinking about us back then/
what we are not now
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