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annh May 6
Together we melted,
Slower than ice cream but faster than chocolate,
Into a confection of infinite sweetness.

Tell me, how did it all turn to custard?

‘It was the best first kiss in the history of first kisses. It was as sweet as sugar. And it was warm, as warm as pie.’
- Sarah Addison Allen, The Sugar Queen
anonymous Apr 12
Freedom is like a rainbow, full of life
The sound of many bells in the distance; ringing the announcement of liberty!
Sweet like ice cream on a hot summer day
The spice of baked yams with butter and sugar
The flowing flag in the wind
Comfort surrounding like a blanket.
Alegria Mir Mar 31
ice cream

awful for the health
the teeth
the emotional well being
but like every confection
she was delicious
the slide of my tongue
unto her neck
then her nectar
the temporary pleasure
after everything
cold skins melting
Did you enjoy your frozen yoghurt?

“Well, yes I did”
But did you really, though?
Did you, instead of swiftly devouring it like the monster you are,
allow it to melt on your tongue,
having it soak in the flavours as it explodes and have its sweetness
dance to music played in your mind?

Did you slow down to savour the promise of heaven’s eternal bliss?
Did you stop to be still and live in the moment?
Did you make it last a little longer, so as to make it worth as long as it should last?

Yet, alas, it lasts no longer.
And when all is said and done, what’s left of it– emptiness in the cup, and the remnants we so desperately try to scrape and taste to remember what it felt like, and to clean up the cup as much as possible.

Maybe this is why we enjoy temporal things; though they pass away, what they offer in the moment gives us a glimpse of what eternity may hold.
Thoughts conceived at IKEA.
I scream
When broken a dream
In the middle of a darknight
Uncontrollable was the inner fight
Woke up sweating with the heart's race
Walked up to find some solace
What soothed me the best
Made me feel blessed
Put my smile back
Trust this hack
A large scoop
of soft rich
A true story..any moment can be turned into happiness by a large scoop of icecream....
Surfing in a sweet dream
Stop and sipping on winter wind
Watching the wind cut through this chin
Broken hearts are waiting to pin
Fix them to beautiful scene
Glad to know you're in my team
You're my choco ice cream
...What does love look like today?

Love today looks like brown butter bourbon ice cream and sunlight
Like body oil on soft legs
And smoothie cream in even softer hair
Like breathing and disappearing in sheets
Like breast free of cups that don't hold me like the universe does
Like lips that taste of caramel
And a bedroom that heals in lavender
Like woman done waiting
Like woman simply being
Like body untouched, un-tethered.

a comfort to offer
an attempt to pamper
a big scoop of ice cream
after a root canal procedure
not  to  subside
or else to hide
the pain but
to  forget it
for awhile
and / or
get the
A shape poetry after a long time
Tiger Striped Jan 20
i twisted together the little white flowers

into a crown

for you

watched your face light up

started to blush

after all, they're only weeds

but you

wore them like a prince

opened my door like a gentleman

rolled our windows down

turned up my favorite song

it doesn't matter if we know

all the words

summer is short

and those little white flowers

won't be around for long
Humble Jan 17
Some friends are like ice cream on a hot summer day, so sweet yet they give you brain freeze.
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