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Ujjal Mandal Mar 13
Love the mother
Do you know why?
She is a flower--
A heaven to a butterfly.
Ujjal Mandal Mar 7
A slice of smile
Can cast thousand lights
Over the shadow
Of snow-clad pain,
The budding blossom of
Happiness is the smile
Where heart and mind
Compose the songs together
Sitting under the flowering tree and
If the song of beauty is written once,
Smile is everywhere!
Happiness is everywhere!
Ujjal Mandal Mar 6
Sometimes I feel
I am alone,
None is there
But when I look at
The blooming lotus,
I feel I am among thousand
Happiness and
I am sparkled with
This lotus is my mother:
My muse!
Ujjal Mandal Mar 5
One day I took some water from a pond and
Let them go with a nearby river:
The river accepted them to
Their long journey together;
Some water I drew from the well and
Drove them to the same river:
The river accepted again without resistance.
After that I filled a bucket with rainwater and
Released them into the river:
The river agreed to move together.
The river welcomed all sincerely-
She never laid her hands on the scales of
Caste but spread the stream of love in her veins
And arteries all around.
Humanity and manners give rays to life. The essay strikes a note of social equilibrium in its emphasis on human love against the caste of discrimination. The harmony of mankind and compassion will procreate innumerable happiness and pleasures if heart is unbiased.
Ujjal Mandal Feb 22
When spring arrives,
A group of flowers enjoy
Their countenance and
As the day grows older
They lose their incandescent looks.
If they could know the collapse
Before the begetting,
I hope they'd remain unborn.

A child was obsessed with
Playing her dolls,
Fortuitously a wooden wife
Fell on, mother said:
'The earth is dancing',
The child took it in a wrong way,
Her body was found
After ten days under the whetted
Crown of cement made house,
The sun kissed her pale cheeks
And gave her last smile.
Ujjal Mandal Dec 2022
Lord Krishna had told long time ago-
Grave words like the sea not hollow:
"In the time of industrial & modern age,
People would be the birds in a golden cage:
Where they'd born with the wings colouring
But they'd forget the tune of how to singing,
People of modern time would be heartless
They'd be the cause of blame, never confess!
Science & technology would touch the apex
But the root of it like the dead tree fakes,
All sayings would be inactive fantastical
As a hand contains bloodless & acute nail,
People during modern age would be the king
And wish to govern over vassals very tiring,
When all strengths would subject to ash
And blood would submerge into flesh,
Only a MANTRA would come sailing by-
Hare Krishna & I'd be there being the moonlike eye."
Ujjal Mandal Nov 2022
The night full of moons, a firefly
Came flying with bright light and I
Was pursuing her all the night.

But vain, where I went along
Like fading away of nightingale song,
I saw a dancing boat's sail.

The moon was glowing more
Than the another day, the door
Of my heart caused her to sway.

The light of the firefly I followed
Made me rich beyond the dream of odd,
She was more sweeter than the cream.

The air was so gentle to the firefly
And suddenly she came to cry,
Later I knew Agnitanaya was her name.

Soul whispered, "you're in the desert,
Upon the sand you're drawing art,
Thus the night declared morning.

Now I know I was searching a fellow,
It was nothing but a dark shadow,
Although I felt her pleasure and lark.

(Agnitanaya: the daughter of fire)
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