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Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Criticizes life
Doesn't condemn
Abusing God
If you condemn
Criticize life
Bring forth realities
Eye openers
Adversities, perversities
Incongruities, atrocities
Maleficence, imprudence
Whatever prickles inner self
Suggest solutions
If you can
Don't condemn life
You condemn God
In doing so
Brandon Conway Sep 2018
it's our most requested feature
it's our most commonly ignored request
give us more money
then we will maybe work on what y'all suggest
Riley Autumn Jul 2017
Is it ridiculous of me to ask you to turn the music down,
when it is midnight, and all it does is drown
out my reason, my voice, my power.
Yet, somehow I know I will endure this for at least another hour.
You've done it, you're right, you've reached your goal.
Far be it from me to be the one to fight you for control.
You claim that I'm the steamroller and take the happiness from your life?
Anyone can know who does that, all they have to do is ask your wife.
A simple plea is all I made, one taking both of our feelings into consideration,
so how is it that I am left feeling my house is comparable to our nation:
run by an idiotic ill informed bigot,
one who thinks that only all of their thoughts can be the ones right on the dot.
You hope you made it clear, the power you have over me.
We both know you have none, and now all that I can see
is a silly little man spouting nonsense, partially due to his choice of drink,
and if it is not, well I have truly nothing left to think.
Other than you are a disappointment, a sorry excuse for a father and a man
But you are right, I am a girl without a plan
I cannot fathom how to enlighten those who are as narrow minded and as you;
but don't get too comfortable, for I still have much work to do.
thehiddenwriter May 2016
How are you ?
" I suggest not to ask that question "
" Why "
Do you want me to lie
Eleanor Rigby Mar 2015
You are annoying
And I hate you.
But my eyes,
My eyes suggest otherwise.


— The End —