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Prossnip42 Aug 2020
Our tendrils have parted the cracks in the stars
as we slip through the space in-between
Cacophony echoes through the dark of the sky
and the air starts to split at the seams
The hunger is growing as the swarm is amassed
we're compelled to the prey we've caught

We are a sea of gnashing jaws and slashing claws
We are conclusion, we are the maw!
You are the chosen, gathered livestock
Marching solemnly to the gates of the slaughter inside out walls
Prossnip42 Jul 2020
Warning of an attack
The people scream out loud
Warnings in the sky
Of what's coming

Appearing on the horizon
a threat on a planetary level
Demons in the sky, cast shadows on the ground

Bringers of destruction, are ravaging the land
Fury of Khorne's servants, a force to reckon with
They set the world on fire, the turn to **** again
Flames are burning higher, the bodies keep falling

Khorne's servants on a rampage as the sky is turning red
Better run for cover, you'll be quick or be dead

Burn, Burn!
Rage of the Blood God
Burn, Burn!
Blood for his throne
Die, die!
Merciless killing
Burn, burn!
Skulls for his throne!
Prossnip42 Jul 2020
The earth is starting to crack
The clouds are all turning black
The temperature in the oceans is rising
The plants are dying, the animals run, Nurgle's plague dancers have come

You feel your skin start to itch
And your breath in your throat starts to hitch
Rashes all over your skin
Blisters and boils, a painful fever for some, Nurgle's plague dancers have come

Pray to your Emperor now
For a quick death for him to allow
Your prayers will never be heard
As they march along undeterred
Screaming for your life, then you're done, Nurgle's plague dancers have come
A tribute to my favorite Chaos God from Warhammer 40k
Prossnip42 Mar 2020
Go there for your rota
There for your orders
Fill up the quotas
We'll bill for you quarters
Report to your foreman
But watch for construction
Cause if you get hurt you've damaged our property

Did you not read the Company policy?
That defines you as the Company's property
That waivers your say in autonomy
The conglomerates got you in lock and key
We put the dollar back into idolatry
If you're upset you can rent an apology
We're a family forged in bureaucracy
No I in "team" but there's "con" in economy

Were you expecting rights?
Were you hoping for fairness?
My friend you're indentured and pleasure's exempt from your tenure so venture back down to your slum
That's provided at generous prices
Your worth is determined by your sacrifices

A small term of service when down of the surface
Interment's a freebie that comes with the purchase

We work
To earn the right to work
To earn the right to give
Ourselves the right to buy
Ourselves the right to live
To earn the right to die
Prossnip42 Mar 2020
Grave digger, grave digger
Send me on my way
Release me to this earth
within' this shallow grave

Grave digger, grave digger
Bring me to my knees
Forget what I have done
Forgive me if you please
Save me if you can
The time for me has come
Let me be the one that got away

Grave digger, grave digger
Slowly fill my grave
Whisper to your god
Allow me to be saved

Grave digger, grave digger
Pray for my lost soul
Release me from this earth
Allow me to grow old

Grave digger, grave digger
Rest these weary bones
Help me on my way
Don't let me die alone

Grave digger, grave digger
Take what I have left
Give it to the lost
Upon my dying breath
Prossnip42 Mar 2020
My gun is loaded
It's gettin time
Two shots of whiskey
I'm takin' what's mine
ain't what you're sayin
it's what you do
Your time has come boy
I'm gunnin for you

When hell is rainin down
You'll see my face, won't hear a sound
You'll feel that bullet burnin through
Take your last breath boy
I'm gunnin for you
Revenge is a dish best served cold. A six-shooter to the face also helps
Prossnip42 Mar 2020
There's a shape in the shadows
There's a chill in the air
But he won't let you get rattled
You won't know that he's there
There's no way to do battle, when you're caught unaware
One blink and he'll be gone and you'll be dead in your chair

Or was he even there
Can you even prepare
For a reckoning, a second into catching the glare
Of a barrel when the bullet's already in the air
Or the chemicals already have your vision impaired

As you try to place the face of that sommelier
When you're about to win the race but find the breaks aren't there
On a knife's edge, placed between the fumes and the flare
The last breath...with a glove in your hair

He's an artist with a knife
He will catch you by surprise
There's no faster a demise
Were you happy with your life
Cause you didn't have the time left for it to flash before your eyes

The sound of a coin on the ground
And not a shred of evidence will ever be found
Your death will be swift, without any sound
Ain't it tragic how a man can accidentally drown?
A poem about a monster, making his living like a monster
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